A Penny for your thoughts charity campaign


Help BarWhiz end world hunger!

world hunger

Australia and Canada have now phased out the penny.  Other countries are expected to follow the same path.

Help us get rid of some extra pennies!

For every venue added to the website and for every review, BarWhiz will donate 10 cents. With enough reviews and venues added, this can easily work up to quite an amount!

Our charity of choice is “Action against hunger”, which acts to reduce hunger around the world.

We will also give a special thanks to the user who has helped the most in our effort, and send him a free T-shirt from our friends at SnorgTees.

Tweeting and sharing on FaceBook will be great, as well.  You can use the panel below to record your efforts, although we will donate for every venue/review added and not just for ones recorded below.

Once you log in to the panel below you’ll have the following options to record:

  • “Like” Barwhiz on Facebook
  • Follow @barwhiz on Twitter
  • “Like” the Blog Post
  • Tweet About the Giveaway
  • Submit a Venue to the site
  • Post Reviews about Bars/Clubs

Thank you and have a great night out!

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BarWhiz is not affiliated with the charitable organization “Action against hunger” in any way, shape or form. This blog post is a declaration of our intention to make a donation to the mentioned chariable organization and is not in any form a declaration of affiliation with the chariable organization.

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