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We have already discussed the Top 10 Spring Break Destinations as well as the 32 Best Party Cities in The World, today we will let you know where the best college party towns are located.

So without further adieu, here are the Top 10 College Party Towns In The USA:

You can also click on the Country/City names to see listings and reviews of actual bars and clubs which you can go to! stop by and review some venues yourself if you have the chance, or leave us your thoughts below

#1 – Tempe, Arizona – Arizona State University

ASU Undies Run

With a population of over 161,000, Tempe, Arizona is also home to over 68,000 Arizona State University students, and the number keeps growing. The university bar district is located on Mill Avenue, with some famous, long-standing, establishments such as the Cue Club and Rula Bula Irish Pub being found there.

#2 – Madison, Wisconsin – University of Wisconsin

Mifflin Street Block Party 2011

Madison, the capital city of Wisconsin, has a population of over 233,000 people. Home to the university of Wisconsin, the university party district can be found on State Street. Madison is also home to many events, including the Waterfront Festival and the famous Mifflin Street Block Party.

#3 – Iowa City, Iowa – University of Iowa


With a population just below 68,000, Iowa City is the home to the University of Iowa. Located right in the downtown proper the University is surrounded by nothing but bars and clubs, 52 within a one-mile radius. Iowa City is also home to a nationally renowned jazz festival, which occurs every summer.

#4 – Austin, Texas – University of Texas

University of Texas audience

With a population of close to 800,000, Austin, Texas is the home to the University of Texas. If you are looking to party in Austin, look no further than Sixth Street. Besides the multitude of bars and clubs, Sixth Street also hosts a wide range of music festivals, such as South by Southwest (SXSW) and Austin City Limits.

#5 – Gainesville, Florida – University of Florida

Gator Fan

Even though Gainesville has a population of just fewer than 125,000, it is home to the United States sixth largest university campus, the University of Florida. Some of the best places to party include the Back Stage Lounge, the Salty Dog Saloon, and of course, the University Club. Go Gators!

#6 – University Park, Pennsylvania – Penn State University


Although technically not an incorporated community, University Park is home to over 92,000 students each year and is the name of the main Penn State University campus. With this many students crammed into one location the parties here are bound to be Legen… wait for it… dary!

#7 – Athens, Georgia – The University of Georgia

Ms. Officer

With a population of just over 115,000 people, the city of Athens developed around the University of Georgia, with the first graduating class of 1804 living in a town that consisting only of three homes, three shops and a few other buildings. Today, the Frat and Sorority scene is one of the best in the country, which naturally means the best Frat parties can be found in Athens.

#8 – Knoxville, Tennessee – The University of Tennessee


With a population just under 180,000, Knoxville is the home of the University of Tennessee. It’s a great college party town, but it really heats up during football season when the tailgate parties are practically everywhere.

#9 – Columbus, Ohio – Ohio State University

OSU vs Michigan 11-18-06 013

The capital of Ohio, Columbus has a population of just under 780,000. Home to such festivals as the Jazz and Ribs Festival and ComFest, this Ohio State University town really knows how to party. Some of the top party venues to check-out include, Village Idiot, Axis Nightclub, Ruby Tuesday and the Varsity Club.

#10 – Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Louisiana State University

LSU Tigers

Baton Rouge is the capital city of Louisiana. With a population of fewer than 230,000, this city is the home to Louisiana State University and the LSU Tigers. The biggest event that takes place in Baton Rouge is a little party called Mardi Gras. However, seeing that there are over 32,000 students enrolled in LSU each year, the party pretty much never stops.

Author: Corey Rozon

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