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Once again we will be focusing our next best of list on a few picks for our best party cities in Europe series. Today it’s all about Italy.

We would like you to take a look at our 5 picks for the best party cities in Italy and let us know what you think. What are some of the hidden gems that we may have missed? Where is your favourite place to party in Italy? If you provide us with a review on the city page found here, we will enter your name into a draw for a chance to win a round of your favourite drinks, on us! * (See below for more details).

So without further adieu, here are the BarWhiz picks for the Best Party Cities In Italy:


Although for some, when you mention Florence, the last thing that comes to mind is a party town. No, many people immediately think about the Renaissance art and architecture that the city has to offer. From the Medici palaces to the beautiful gardens, Florence is definitely a tourist hotspot, but it is also a party town. Home to a large population of students, the Florence nightlife has much to offer. Most bars and clubs stay open until three in the morning, which is very late by Italian standards. One of the hottest nightclubs to check out while in Florence is without a doubt Club Tenax (pictured above).

Rimini & Riccione

Now I know this is kind of a twofer, but because of the close proximity of Rimini and Riccione we had to just combine them together. If you want to party like the Italians do, especially in the summer, then head to the beach and take in some sun, some sand, and some of the most amazing beach clubs Europe has to offer. Most parties last well into the wee hours of the morning and even when the open-air clubs decide to shut it down, the party usually continues right there on the beach, creating a surreal, everlasting party.


Even though home to the Vatican, Rome can still offer up some sinful pleasures with its vast array of nightlife. They party here is not going to be as wild as the beach clubs you’ll find in Rimini and Riccione, but the Eternal City is still a must stop party city when travelling through Italy. As the saying goes, ‘When in Rome…’, so to really experience Rome as the Italians do you will need to start your night off by enjoying a few drinks in the many outdoor bars scattered throughout the city. After you have had your fill of people watching, the national sport by the way, head over to the main streets of Monte Testaccio and surrounding areas where you will find some of the best clubs the city has to offer. Just remember, many of the clubs shut down during the summer in the inner cities. Why you ask? Well because Italians spend their summer near the sea, partying it up in places like Rimini and Riccione, and the next party city on our list, Sardinia.


If you are looking to party with the cream of the crop, both in what Italy has to offer as well as the rest of the world’s glitterati then look no further than the island of Sardinia. From legen – wait for it… dary beaches, with the parties that go along with it, to some of the hottest clubs Italy has to offer, the island of Sardinia is definitely one of the best party cities in Italy. It can be expensive, but well worth it.


Finally, we finish off our list of best party cities in Italy with one of country’s architectural masterpieces, Venice. From stunning architecture and over 40 kilometres of canals, Venice is more than just a city of romance; it can also be a pretty great party town, that is of course if you know where to look. Two of the best areas in Venice to find clubs and bars are Mestre, just a short ride over the bridge, or the Lido, which can be reached by a quick boat ride. Both areas offer an abundance of clubs, ranging from swanky to totally unpretentious, and is your best chance to find some of that Venice romance of your own.

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