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Last Updated on October 5th 2023

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New Year's Eve Fire & Ice Charity Ball
31 Dec 2015 - 1 Jan 2016

Hosted at the luxurious Sheraton Cavalier Hotel, Calgary, this year's event promises to be even bigger than the last!

Calgary NYE Club Crawl 2016
31 Dec 2015 - 1 Jan 2016

"The Biggest And Best Nye Party On The Face Of The Planet" Calgary New Year's Eve 'Extravaganza' Club Crawl 2016

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Review by Erik_Theodore

If you're seeking a rowdy place in Calgary, the Back Alley is your best bet.  I just broke up with my girlfriend and I needed a place to let out my frustrations and try to vent my anger away.  This place gets louder with the music every Friday with their biggest dance party in all of Calgary.  Of course, it will take a while for me to adjust post-break up, but this club helped me unwind.

Review by Ita_Ger

This Pacific-themed bar is quite exotic thanks to its incorporating of South Pacific elements with a typical North American club.  If you have heard of Gilligan's Island, then I'm sure you'll get the feel of this place.  Good music in here too.

Review by Ita_Ger

I managed to drop by this club with my classmates as we came home from school.  We were treated to a dance party by the elder sister of one of my friends.  Ohh boy, were we so impressed by this club's open environment as we later ordered for some drinks after dancing for nearly 2 hours.  Their music is really great to listen to, and for certain I told them that I'll drop by again some time. 

Review by Erik_Theodore

I once performed at this theater a long time ago, about two years since if I remember.  I recall the training that I received from the institution, and am so happy to have been a part of them.  In addition to theater acting, they also specialize in acting paraphernalia such masks and stilts for both domestic and international theater arts.  I'm grateful to the Green Fools team for such an opportunity to work with them.


Review by Neoclickbux

I remember this place mainly for their nachos which are so exquisite.  They have always tasted crispy, and I like their soft but firm tortillas.  Add up a mug of beer or two, or your choice of drink.  Top it off with a jalapeno and olive pizza to satisfy your appetite.  I'll be back someday to try more food next time around.