Starter Guide

Welcome to BarWhiz My Friend!

BarWhiz is a website all about Nightlife!
Here's what you can do on BarWhiz:

1. Find Nightlife Venues in any city in the world!

Simply use the Search on the left side, type in the Country and City you want, and Click Go! you can also select a specific type of venue if you want. Once you do this you'll arrive at the Country/City page of the chosen location.

2. Check Venue Reviews, Comments, Pictures and Events

When on the Country/City page you can click on the "Events" link below the site's logo to check out events in the chosen location. You can click on venues in the Country/City page to check their profile. Once inside a venue's profile you'll find Comments, Reviews, Pictures and Events for that venue.

3. Quickly find anything on the site

To quickly find just about anything on the website,
simply use the quick search box on the upper right corner.

What can Registered users do?

Registered users can comment on anything, review venues, add their own venues and add events to venues.

Yep, it's pretty simple.

Have a Great Night Out!