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Last Updated on October 5th 2023

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Gay Bar and Club in Athens, Greece

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Club in Athens, Greece


Gay Club in Athens, Greece


Gay Bar in Athens, Greece

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Review by Perprotector

This club is not an ordinary Irish pub - it's also a dancing venue as well.  It's not as close to an ordinary nightclub though, but it's perfect for a date or a hang-over with friends.  They've got servings of beer too, from Heineken to Guinness - you choose your beer.  It's also heavy with live music so you'll be awake for the night.  Don't just take my word for it - the place is worth checking out.

Review by Perprotector

If you haven't tasted the best Latin cuisine yet, here's your chance at the Cubanita restaurant.  I tried their Ensalada Cubanita and it tasted really sizzling hot!  Our servers were great too as they served us with total customer satisfaction, and we ordered for their special Cubanita.  Look no further for the hottest Cuban restaurant this side of Athens.

Review by Goodrinker

I've never had any problems with gay people, but the clientele at Sodade are an exception.  For reasons of their own they were glaring at me as if I wanted to harm them.  I NEVER intended to hurt anyone and never will.  None of the bartenders were willing to serve me, and only one of them served me with some vodka.  Maybe it's just me but did Sodade's patrons felt ticked off by something...I don't know.  Or it could have been an isolated incident, and I hope Sodade's management resolves the matter soon.

Review by Perprotector

A good place to perform for both local and foreign artists, the Stavros Tou Notou is an all-around musical paradise for the average night owl.  Cocktails are ok, but it's the dance music that takes credit for this place.  Let's rock the house as we would every artist in the whole of Greece.