Best Types Of Bars For Bachelor Parties


Celebrating a bachelor party
Last year we provided you with our list of the most popular drinks at a bachelor party. Today, we’ll tell you all about the best types of bars for bachelor parties.

Now not everyone can have a wild and crazy night in Vegas or Bangkok for their bachelor party, but at least with this list of the best types of bars, you too can wake-up to a hangover but in the comfort of your own town.

Cigar Lounge
Enjoying a cigar at a cigar lounge
Nothing says bachelor party like starting the night off in a swanky cigar lounge. Nestle back in those overstuffed leather chairs, sip on some fine scotch and enjoy an expensive Cuban cigar. Enjoy it, because from here on out the debauchery starts.

Secret door at a speakeasy
After you’ve got your fill of scotch and cigars it’s time to do it up 20s style. Get yourself into one of the many underground speakeasies that are popping up all around the country… that is of course if you know the password to get in. Fuel up with some boozy Mad Men style cocktails because the party is about to get crazy.

Strip Club
Strippers dancing for a guy at a strip club
No bachelor party is complete without a trip to the peelers. Order some rounds of expensive drinks, get a table dance or two and send the groom to be for a wild time in the champagne room. Once you’ve got your fill of the ‘neked ladies’ it is time to head out and party it up with some real girls. Oh, and if you are looking for a strip club, you may want to stay away from places with these stripper signs out front.

Dance Club
Patrons dancing at a dance club
Now that you are all fired up it’s time to get your ass out on the dance floor. Hit up a club and give your boy one last night of freedom to hit on all the beautiful single ladies. Tear up the night until closing time and work off some of that alcohol because the night isn’t over yet.

After Hours Club
After Hours bar in Bangkok, Thailand
After the clubs are closed it is time to take in an after hours club. Many legitimate after hours places are open until the wee hours of the morning. You can spend the night dancing off the last remaining effects of alcohol while sipping on some overpriced water, or you can find an after hours place that continues to serve alcohol, that is if you need a nightcap, or three. These can be hard to find, but believe me, every city has one. If you know someone that works in the industry they just may be able to steer you in the right direction.

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Corey Rozon is a freelance writer from Ottawa, Canada.

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