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Last Updated on May 24th 2018

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Latest Reviews
Review by oceandeep

This is one of the hippest bars in France outside of Paris.  They have great cocktails which are very sweet-tasting and easy on the mouth.  What is most exciting though is the view of the Mediterranean - a great place to sightsee especially for a new tourist.

Review by sazkermensx

You just gotta love their assortment of cocktails - especially the non-alcoholic ones.  Actually, I came to this bar after I was invited by a colleague from work a few weeks ago.  Now that the Palais Club's out of business, I guess this club as well as the nearby ones have benefited.  Drinks were alright, but I wish the bartenders would actually serve faster, since at first it was quite slow.  Just had fun with a couple of girls along the way too.

Review by oceandeep

As of now the place is already closed, but I managed to attend last year's summer event, which for me as well as the rest of Cannes' nightclubbers would be our last at this expensive club.  The best things I remember about the club was the presence of socialites coming from various regions of France to visit this once glamorous club.  It is a shame that this place has fallen, but I'm sure the other nightclubs within or near Cannes would pick up the tab that was once the Palais Club's clientele.  To this place, I say au revoir Palais - you'll be dearly remembered in the hearts of every nightclubber.


Review by sazkermensx

This is a great meeting place for young men and women aged 21 and above.  The view is so beautiful as you'd find yourself facing the beach.  I arrived at the club before dusk so I would get to see the sun descend and eventually the party starts from then on.  They've got this lively music too which have been playing all day.  The loss of Palais will be Zanzibar's gain.