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The Best Venues in New Orleans

Last Updated on August 25th 2019

Local Venues in New Orleans Louisiana

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Latest Reviews
Review by goneaway

You just gotta love their assortment of cocktails as well as their other special features such as their VIP lounge, numerous sitting rooms, and most importantly, the club was once the site for an old bank that has been converted into what it is today.  It's got a smooth vibe, but that's basically it...not so bad but nothing special either.

Review by goneaway

I visited this place mainly for the drinks rather than the music, but don't get me wrong - the music here is really great.  They're playing blues and jazz but it's their 80's sax music which really got my attention - reminds me of my college years so much with my friends.

Review by goneaway

I gotta love this place - it was recommended by an office colleague of mine who told me to visit this bar.  It has a vast selection of cocktails and drinks.  They've got friendly staffers as well as patrons who will gladly have a chat with you.  Music is just fine as well.  A great place to visit if you're in NOLA.