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Last Updated on May 22nd 2018

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Latest Reviews
Review by williamchung

Being a European football fan, I've always had a soft spot for Irish pubs especially when I visit a particular city.  The Irish Rover is one pub where you can watch and enjoy a drink.  A couple of pubsters will offer to drink with you, but if you're a fan of their favorite teams they'll be more than willing to have a little chat. 


Review by expresso

This placeis a real Irish pub - there's partying all over the bar, and at first you'd feel like it's a bit crowded that you would sometimes feel like being compressed all around.  But after you've gotten used to the place like I have, you'll appreciate the place.  Oh, and the beer rocks too.

Review by expresso

A classmate of mine invited me to this club, at first they were entirely different clubs.  Yes, they're different, but they're all under the same umbrella.  I visited the Tramps Tenerife club in particular, it was filled with twice as many people compared to the Notorious B.A.R. and CoCo Bongo.  The clientele was ok, and so are the staffers.  Personally, the Skool Disco every Wednesday at CoCo intrigues me, so I told my classmate I'll check that place soon.