Most Popular Drinks To Serve At A House Party


Whether you are trying to save money, or are just getting tired of the club scene night after night, weekend after awesome weekend, the classic house party is always a fun and inexpensive alternative to going out.

We’ve already given you the Complete Guide For Throwing A House Party and reviewed the
Most Popular Drinking Games, so today we will provide you with the Most Popular Drinks To Serve At A House Party.

#1 – Beer

Beer Keg

Whether you serve it on tap, in the bottle or in the can, you can’t go wrong with having a full stock of beer at your house party. If you are throwing a kegger, always buy double the amount, especially if it is going to be a big party, because that draft beer doesn’t last long. A little trick to save some money but still look like you only buy the premium stuff is to start with a keg or two of the premium and then serve the low-grade suds once everyone is feelin’ fine.

#2 – Cocktails


It doesn’t matter if you make them fruity or boozey, cocktails are a staple for any house party. The best way to ensure you have enough variation is to grab your standard bar well of bottles, that’s vodka, gin, whiskey and rum (white and dark if you really want to impress your guests). Grab a variety of mix, from fruit juices to soft drinks and throw in some fresh fruit for garnishes. Also, if you don’t have an ice machine at home make sure you purchase a couple of bags of ice – and it is probably not a bad idea to have a blender on hand either.

#3 – Shots & Shooters

jello shot

Another staple of the house party is shots and shooters, so make sure you add a few liqueurs to your shopping list as well. In addition to your cocktail liquors, to make some of the most popular shots and shooters you will need tequila, amaretto, goldschlager, jagermeister, sambuca, and various flavours of schnapps. However, by far the most popular shooter at any party is the famous Jell-O Shooter, so don’t forget to stock up on some J-E-LL-O.

#4 – Punch


They say a proper punch contains at least five ingredients, one of which is sweet, one is sour, another is strong, the other is weak and the final one is spiced. You can’t go wrong with serving punch at a house party, and best of all it is a great way to serve a lot of people easily and affordably.

Since a BarWhiz drink post isn’t complete without at least one recipe, we’ll share with you our favourite punch:

Strip & Go Naked

Pink cocktails

1 case of your favourite beer
26 oz bottle of rye
26 oz bottle vodka
26 oz bottle spiced rum
8 cans of frozen pink lemonade
crushed ice

Combine all ingredients in a large vessel such as a ‘clean’ garbage can, mix well and serve in classic red cups. Stripping and going naked is optional.

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Corey Rozon is a freelance writer from Ottawa, Canada.

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