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When the BarWhiz research crew isn’t out on assignment looking for the best party cities or in the lab coming up with extensive lists of the most popular drinks, you can find them in the BarWhiz conference room – which is what we call the pub down the street – playing an assortment of drinking games.

What can we say; it’s a great team building exercise that helps with both morale and to get the creative juices flowing. When it comes to creating drinking games, virtually anything can be turned into one – and by anything, we really mean anything.

Back in collage friends of mine invented a drinking game that involved a set of dice and the trivia cards from Trivial Pursuit. It was dubbed, Drink Asshole, because the longer you played the game, the more belligerent you became. Sadly, Drink Asshole did not make our list of the most popular drinking games. I suspect that it has something to do with being the only BarWhiz researcher that hails from Canada.

But I digress. So without further adieu, here are the most popular college drinking games (Thank you Howcast for sharing these videos):

#1 – Beer Pong

One of the most popular college drinking games by far is Beer Pong. It’s easy to learn, fun to watch, and requires a specific set of skills that cannot be found anywhere else. The only downside with Beer Pong is the amount of room that is required to play a proper game.

#2 – Edward 40 Hands

Typically part of a frat hazing ritual, Edward 40 Hands has developed into a staple in the repertoire of college drinking games. The premise is simple, and in reality, it is much more of a test of endurance than a game of chance. After all, you have no way of going to the bathroom until you finish your beers.

#3 – Flip Cup

Flip Cup works in a pinch if you don’t have the room, or the balls, to play Beer Pong. Think of it as the Beer Olympics relay race. Instead of passing a baton you have to drink a beer and flip a Red Cup. The first team to finish is hailed as champions and the losing team, well… nobody cares about the losing team.

#4 – Kings

Also known as King’s Cup, Circle of Death, Ring of Fire or Waterfall, this simple card game is one of the most social drinking games on the list. Each card represents an action or activity that the person drawing it, or the whole group, has to perform. There are no winners or losers in Kings, just a whole lot of drinking and good times.

#5 – Power Hour

Not unlike Edward 40 Hands, Power Hour is not really a game, per se, it’s more of a test of stamina and endurance. Although it may sound easy – take one shot of beer every minute for 60 minutes – it is a lot harder than it sounds. After you have mastered Power Hour you can move on to the tougher Century Club. It’s the same game, but it is now one shot per minute for 100 minutes.

#6 – Quarters

Perfect for college students that need to save a bit of money, this game only costs a quarter. Well, only requires a quarter. You still need to buy your own beer. Although the game is simple – you bounce a quarter off of a table and try to get it into a glass – it does take some skill. Usually, the worst player at the table will end up drinking the most.

Bonus Drinking Games

Here are two of my absolute favorite drinking games of all time:

Three Man

Die Würfel sind gefallen!

Three Man is by far the fastest way to get a night going. This simple dice game should be played fast and furious, and usually one round at being Three Man is all it will take.

The premise is simple; each person takes a roll at the dice. The first to roll a 1 and a 2 is designated Three Man, from that point forward anytime a 3 comes up the Three Man has to take a drink.

Here are the other rules:

  • If the dice total 7 (4 & 3, 5 & 2, 6 & 1) – The player to right of roller drinks
  • If the dice total 11 (5 & 6) – The player to left of roller drinks
  • If the dice total 9 (5 & 4, 6 & 3) – Sociable (Everyone Drinks)
  • If any 3 turns up – Three man drinks
  • Doubles – Each number represents 1 drink to give away. e.g. two 4′s equals 8 drinks
  • Three Doubles in a Row – Make a rule
  • Snake Eyes (1 & 1) – Roll Your Own Destiny (The player who rolled the Snake Eyes must roll one die and drink the corresponding number of drinks. If another 1 turns up, the player must then roll both dice and drink the corresponding number of drinks)

There are only two ways to get out of being Three Man. The first is if someone else rolls a 1 and a 2, then they become the new Three Man. The second, more devious way, is if Three Man rolls a 1 and a 2, then they get to designate who becomes the new Three Man. Remember that person who get giving you all their doubles? Well it’s payback time!

Battle Shots

Battle Shots

Remember that Battleship game you loved playing when you were a kid? Well now it’s all growns-up, and instead of annihilating your opponent’s battleship, you are the one getting annihilated.

It should go without saying that here at BarWhiz we do not condone under-aged or irresponsible drinking in any manner. Remember, responsible drinking does not mean you can’t still have fun, so wait until you’re 21 and in the meantime practice your quarter and ping-pong ball tosses.

Author: Corey Rozon

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