Best Party Cities In Mexico

In our best party cities series we are slowly making our way through the North American Continent. First we gave you our picks for the best party cities in Canada. Then we provided you with our choices of the top 21 party cities in the USA. Today we will head further south and let you know all about our 5 favourite Mexican party cities.

We’d also like to give a little something back to the BarWhiz community. So if you have ever partied in any of these cities in Mexico, or any others we may have missed, why not post a review here and you might just win a little something from us, say like your favorite drink.

So without further adieu, here are the BarWhiz picks for the Best Party Cities In Mexico:


It’s dangerous. It’s sexy. It’s a non-stop party town. Yes I’m talking about Tijuana. With a population closing in on 2 million people, Tijuana really is the Mexican city that never sleeps. There seems to be more bars and nightclubs here than any other city in Mexico. As a border town, there is a huge influx of American tourists coming in from California to party for a night in the almost anything goes city. From the great prices on drinks, to the great food, this party town seems to have a culture all of its own. It’s definitely Mexican, but darker and more exciting.

Cabo San Lucas

Head south to the tip of the Baja peninsula for party central, Cabo San Lucas. People from all over the world venture to this Mexican city to party all day and all night. Granted the peak time for the best party action is during spring break, but there is still much to be had anytime of the year in Cabo. From all night beach parties, to happy hours that run from noon to 7pm, you won’t need to look too hard to have a good time.

Puerto Vallarta

Next we’ll head to a resort city that is situated on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, that’s right, our next party city is Puerto Vallarta. This Mexican party city has become such a popular vacation spot that the city itself is expanding faster than regular visitors, and even locals, can keep up with. Although the downside to more party people venturing into the city may be increased prices and more packed clubs, the upside is the ultimate party atmosphere. Clubs typically stay open well beyond their official 4 a.m. last call, and new cantinas and dance clubs are opening up all the time. Go to Puerto Vallarta for the beaches, but stay for the party.

Mexico City

Now we’ll head further inland, away from the sandy beaches of the Pacific, and into the heart of Mexico. The next Mexican party destination is none other than Mexico City. From the Centro Histórico downtown area, with its vast array of bars and clubs, to the posh bars of the Polanco, Condesa and Roma neighborhoods, there is a little something for everyone in this bustling metropolis of over 20 million residents. The majority of clubs don’t really get going until after midnight and stay open until the wee hours of the morning. If you are travelling through Mexico looking for a party, a definite stop is Mexico City.


Finally, we’ll head to the eastern most point of Mexico. Located on the Yucatán Peninsula, on the sandy shores of the Caribbean Sea is everyone’s favourite Mexican resort destination, Cancun. This manmade resort offers more than just gorgeous tropical settings and luxury accommodations; it also has a huge reputation as a party town. Not unlike Cabo, the peak party season is during spring break, but the club scene is still very prevalent every other day of the year. Spend your days sipping fancy drinks by the pool or on the sandy beaches, and your nights dancing in the clubs until dawn. Cancun is a must attend party city for any party-goer looking to experience what Mexico has to offer.

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Corey Rozon is a freelance writer from Ottawa, Canada.

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Best Party Cities In France

As part of our ongoing mission to provide you with the best of the best, today we are going to focus on a specific European country and let you know what our picks are for the best party cities in France.

You may recall that awhile ago we developed a list of the Top 18 Party Cities In Europe, and even though France only made the list for one of its cities, this largest country in Western Europe has much more to offer.

Here at BarWhiz we are always about giving back to our community. So whether you agree or disagree with our choices for Best Party Cities In France, we would still like to hear from you. Give a review of one of these party cities on the city page, which can be found here and you will be entered into a draw for a chance to win something from us, say like your favorite drink.

So without further adieu, here are the BarWhiz picks for the Best Party Cities In France:


With a history dating back over 2,600 years, Marseille is an amazing city to party in. Being the second largest city in France does help with the nightlife, but the Marseille owes much of its culture to the eclectic mix of its residents. With roots going back to North and West Africa, as well as Italy, there is a little of something for everyone in the way of nightlife in this city. Take a stroll down La Canebière and head into Vieux-Port for a great mix of clubs and bars where you can party the night away.


Although Bordeaux may be known for being the wine capital of France, it still is quite the party town. Thanks to the high population of students in this city there is much more to do then sip delicious wine. Bordeaux also has a great nightlife. If you are looking for a great pub or bar to have a few drinks in and practice your French on the local talent, then head on over to the La Victoire. If dance clubs are more your thing check out the Quais, which is located near the train station. The majority of clubs in this area don’t have cover, but if you are intoxicated they won’t let you in, so try not to pre-game too much on that Bordeaux.

Le Havre

Right along the coast of the English Channel you will find the party city of Le Havre. This northwestern France town offers quite a diverse mix of both pubs and clubs that range in price from way too expensive to just right. Some of the best places to grab a drink are in the city centre, the Quartier St-François, and of course the beach.


Situated across the Rhine River from Germany, Strasbourg offers the best of both French and German cultures. Combine a culture known for their beer making with one known for their wine and you have an instant party town. With a huge student population helping the city to keep its nightlife both fun and inexpensive, you won’t have too look to hard for the party that is right for you. Whether it’s sipping back some delicious beers or dancing the night away until the wee hours of the morning – with some clubs closing at 7am – Strasbourg is one French city where the party truly doesn’t stop.

St. Tropez

Last, but certainly not least is France’s ultimate party city, St. Tropez. Located along the French Riviera on the Mediterranean Sea, this ultimate party town has been the go to destination for the rich and famous for many years. Although partying in St. Tropez can be quite expensive, it is worth it for the experience, even if just for one night. Dress to impress, and if you are a guy make sure you have a girl on your arm or it’s likely you’ll be denied entrance to any of the clubs. But don’t fret, just because you don’t own a yacht it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to partake in much of what the city has to offer – likely you’ll just not be able to rub elbows with the glitterati.

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Corey Rozon is a freelance writer from Ottawa, Canada.

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Best Bar Apps

Here at the BarWhiz Blog we love to provide you with information about the best bars, clubs, and party cities from all over the world.

We are so passionate about helping you to find a great night out that we even have our very own app – (see below for our shameless plug).

However, we know the internet is a big place. There are hundreds of websites that will help you to find a great hotel, an awesome restaurant, or anything in between. We just happen to specialize in bars and clubs, and in our modest opinion, we’re one of the best – (at least our Moms think so).

That being said, we have put together a list of 8 pretty amazing bar apps to help you when you are out on the town. So without further adieu here are the BarWhiz Blog picks for Best Bar Apps:


One of the top 10 navigation apps in the UK, has a Find Pubs & Bars app. Using your phone’s GPS this app can tell you where the closest bar or pub is. And although it is billed as a UK app, they state that they can find you a place to knock back a few cold ones anywhere in the world. You can get it here for free.

UrbanDaddy‘s, The Next Move is an app specifically designed for some of the more popular cities in the US. Currently the app works in Boston, Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, and the Hamptons. The idea behind this app is not only to find the best bar in the area, but it also helps you to find the best bar for specific occasions, such as grabbing a drink with the boys, going on a date, or even riding solo. If you find yourself in any of the cities listed above, you can download it here for free.

DrinkedIn‘s Bar Finder boasts over 150,000 bar and pub listings in and around the UK, Australia, US, Brazil, and Canada. The app will provide you with information about the bar including directions through Google Maps. If you want to give it a try you can find it here.

Happy Houred’s Happy Houred is all about finding the best drink specials. Although the app only works for cities in the US, it is quite extensive. Happy Houred currently boasts 22,000 entries located in over 2,000 cities. You can try it here for free.


Currently‘s app only works for a few North American cities, namely Los Angeles, New York, Portland, San Francisco and Vancouver. However, due to its success there are plans to slowly add more destinations. What makes this app so great is that they have assigned specific ‘curators’ for each destination who truly know what the city has to offer. Urbandig’s specialty is uncovering the best local establishments that few travelers know about. If you want to feel like a local, you can download the app from itunes.


Available only in the US,‘s draught beer app allows beer connoisseurs to find exactly which bar serves their favourite suds on tap. The app will provide directions to the closest bar from your location, contact information for the bar, and reviews from other users. It’s a pretty nifty app if you are looking for something specific to drink. Want to give it a try? You can find it here.

Find Craft Beer

Similar to the Findmytap app,‘s app will help you to find craft beers. What sets it apart form any other app is that it will not only points you to bars and brew pubs serving up your favourite craft brews, but it will also point you to the closest microbreweries, beer stores and homebrew shops that can cater to your needs. You can download their app for just $0.99.

BarWhiz App

**Shameless plug alert**
Of course no list of Best Bar Apps would be complete without the app. With our very own app you can literally find bars anywhere in the world. You can add and view reviews from other members, see pictures, and participate in discussions about your favourite venues. If you want to try it right now you can download it here for free.

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Corey Rozon is a freelance writer from Ottawa, Canada.

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80 Ways To Say “Bottom’s Up!”

If you are an avid reader of our blog you already know that we have provided you with countless lists of the best party cities around the globe.

Today we’d like to share with you 80 different ways from around the world on how to say “Bottom’s Up!”:

Language: Afrikaans
There are approximately 15 to 23 million people in the world that speak Afrikaans, one of South Africa’s eleven official languages. The best way to say ‘Bottom’s Up’ is, gesondheid.
pronunciation: ge·sund·hate

Language: Albanian
Spoken primarily in Albania and Kosovo, there are roughly 7.6 million people in the world who speak Albanian. In order to properly cheers a group of Albanians make sure you say, gëzuar.
pronunciation: geh·zoo·ah

Language: Arabic
Fisehatak (فى صحتك:) is the proper way to cheers an Arabic speaker, and since there are over 280 million people who speak Arabic worldwide, you should have plenty of chances to practice.
pronunciation: fesah·etek

Language: Armenian
There are over 7 million people who speak Armenian, with the majority living in Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, Russia, United States, Georgia, Lebanon, Iran, Syria, and Turkey. If you find yourself partying with an Armenian make sure you toast with the word, genatzt!

Language: Austrian
The very familiar prost! is typically heard during Oktoberfest festivities, but this doesn’t mean you still can’t impress your Austrian friends with your new found knowledge.
pronunciation: prohst

Language: Azeri
Mainly spoken in Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkmenistan, and Syria, Azeri (or Azerbaijani) consists of 30 million speakers worldwide. If you want to properly cheers your Azeri speaking friends try using, gayola!
pronunciation: guy·oh·la

Language: Baluchi
Baluchi is the principal language of the Baloch people of Balochistan, found largely in Northwestern Iran. With 7.6 million people speaking Baluchi worldwide you will want to know how to properly say cheers: Vashi!

Language: Basque
Basque is the ancestral language of the Basque people, who are largely found in northeastern Spain and southwestern France. Even though there are only approximately 715, 000 people who speak Basque worldwide, on egin, the Basque cheers, is not a bad toast to have in your repertoire.
pronunciation: on·egin

Language: Belarusian
There are over 7.6 million people that speak Belarusian, with the majority living in Belarus. The next time you are travelling through Belarus make sure to use this cheers on the locals: Za zdarou’e (За здароўе). Who knows, you may even get some free drinks out of it.

Language: Bengali
Bengali is the native language of Bengal and Bangladesh. There are over 202 million people who speak Bengali, so show them how happy you are with the proper way to cheers your good fortune: Jôe!
pronunciation: joy

Welcome now to the BarWhiz Speed Round. We hope you enjoyed the explanation of the first 10 ways to say ‘Bottom’s Up!’. In order to move things along we are going to provided only the word for the next block of phrases. Ready? Set? Go!

Language: Bhojpuri
Maza mein raha

Language: Bosnian
pronunciation: zhee·ve·lee

Language: Bulgarian
Nazdrave (Наздраве)
pronunciation: naz·dra·vey

Language: Burmese
Aung myin par say
pronunciation: au·ng my·in par say

Language: Cantonese
Gòn bùi (幹杯)
pronunciation: gon·boy

Language: Catalan
pronunciation: sah·lut

Language: Cebuano

Language: Chamorro
pronunciation: bih·bah

Language: Croatian
pronunciation: zhee·ve·lee

Language: Czech
Na zdravi
pronunciation: naz·drah vi

Language: Danish
pronunciation: skoal

Language: Dutch
pronunciation: prohst

Language: English

Language: Estonian
pronunciation: ter·vih·sex

Language: Finnish
pronunciation: kip·piss

Language: French
pronunciation: san·te

Language: Gaelic (Ireland)
pronunciation: slawn·cha

Language: Gaelic (Scotland)
Slàinte mhath
pronunciation: slanj·uh·va

Language: Galician
pronunciation: saw·ood·eh

Language: German
pronunciation: prohst

Language: Greek
stin iyá sas (Στην υγειά σας)
pronunciation: stin iyá sas

Language: Haitian Creole
pronunciation: san·te

Language: Hawaiian
Å’kålè ma’luna
pronunciation: okole maluna

Language: Hebrew
pronunciation: le·hiem

Language: Hungarian
pronunciation: egg·esh ay·ged·reh

Language: Icelandic
pronunciation: sk·owl

Language: Italian
Cin Cin
pronunciation: chin·chin

Language: Japanese
Kanpai (乾杯)
pronunciation: kan·pie

Language: Javanese
Mugạ séhat terus

Language: Kannada
Tumba santosha athavā khushiyāytu

Language: Kazakh
Sawlığıñız üşin

Language: Khmer
Lerk dach

Language: Kikuyu
Rathima andu atene

Language: Kinyarwanda
Kubuzima bwacu

Language: Korean
Geonbae (乾杯)
pronunciation: gun·bae

Language: Latvian
pronunciation: proh·sit

Language: Lithuanian
į sveikatą
pronunciation: ee sweh·kata

Language: Macedonian
На здравје
pronunciation: na zdravye

Language: Malay/Indonesian
Sihat selalu
pronunciation: see·hat slel·lu

Language: Malayalam

Language: Mandarin
Gān bēi (干杯)
pronunciation: gan·bay

Language: Marathi
āyurārogy labho

Language: Min Nan
Hō ta lah
pronunciation: hoe·ta·la

Language: Mongolian
Эрүүл мэндийн төлөө
pronunciation: er·uhl mehdiin toloo

Language: Nepali

Language: Norwegian
pronunciation: skawl

Language: Pashto
Kha sehat walary (ښه صحت ولری)
pronunciation: kha sehat walary

Language: Persian
Salam ati
pronunciation: sa·lam ati

Language: Polish
Na zdrowie
pronunciation: naz·droh·vee·ay

Language: Portuguese
Viva, saúde, tim tim
pronunciation: vee·va, saw·oo·de, ching·ching

Language: Romanian
pronunciation: no·rock

Language: Russian
Za vas
pronunciation: zuh·vahs

Language: Serbian
pronunciation: zhee·ve·lee

Language: Serbo-Croatian
pronunciation: zhee·ve·lee

Language: Sinhala

Language: Slovak
Na zdravie
pronunciation: naz·drah·vee·ay

Language: Slovenian
Na zdravje
pronunciation: naz·drah·vee

Language: Somali
Caafimaad wanaagsan

Language: Spanish
pronunciation: sah·lud

Language: Swahili

Language: Swedish
pronunciation: skawl

Language: Tagalog
pronunciation: mah·boo·hay

Language: Tamil
Nal aarokkiyam peruga

Language: Thai
Chok dee
pronunciation: chok·dee

Language: Turkish

Language: Ukrainian
Za zdorovja (За здоровя)
pronunciation: zaz·da·roh·vee·ay

Language: Urdu

Language: Uyghur

Language: Uzbek
Oldik / Sog’liq uchun
pronunciation: oldik / sog’liq uchun

We’ll end the speed round, and our list of 80 Ways To Say “Bottom’s Up!” with one of my most favorite cheers:

Language: Vietnamese
There are over 76 million native Vietnamese speakers in the world. Unsurprisingly the majority are found in Vietnam. So whether you are travelling abroad or just want to impress your local Vietnamese friends, try out this toast next time you are out doing a few shots: mMột hai ba, yo, which essentially translates to ‘one, two, three, yo!’
pronunciation: moat hi bah, yo

If you noticed any languages that should have been included in the list, or have any corrections for the ones we did include, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll add your suggestions.


Corey Rozon profile imageAbout the Author
Corey Rozon is a freelance writer from Ottawa, Canada.

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The Best Backpacker Bars In Canada

Last year we discussed the top 19 party cities in all of Canada, but as you may very well know, one person’s party city is another person’s snoozefest.

A city can mean different things to different people based on their experiences. Whether you live in that city, were raised in that city, are tourists to that city or a backpacker just passing through, your wants, needs and expectations of a party may be different from everyone else.

Today we are going to focus on one particular group: backpackers. With youth hostels located in over 85 cities across Canada, the great white north is one destination with the backpacker’s travel budget in mind.

Not only can you find a cheap room at one of the many hostels across the country, but some of these hostels also have their very own bars! Cheap beers and cheap beds equal a fun time in my books.

So without further adieu, here are the best Backpacker Bars across Canada:

British Columbia
The Cambie Pub – Vancouver

When it comes to hostels, cheap, quality, and clean rooms are what is most important to many backpackers, and that is exactly what the The Cambie offers. What makes a stay at the Cambie even better is their onsite pub. Rated as the “#1 place to get wasted on the cheap” the Cambie really knows how cater to the backpacker’s budget. For more ideas on how to party on the cheap, check out our Miser’s Guide To Clubbing.

The Storm Cellar – Banff

Billed as a True Traveler’s Pub, the Storm Cellar is the in-house bar for the HI-Banff Alpine Centre, one of the best ski and snowboarding hostels in the Rockies. The pub is a cozy place to unwind after a long day of hitting the slopes. Sip a few pints, play some darts, or take part in one of the many daily events, from Karaoke and trivia to live music from some great Canadian artists. If skiing is your thing, check out our list of the Best Ski Resorts To Party At.

Mugshots – Ottawa

One of the more unique hostels in Canada is found in its capital city, Ottawa. The HI-Ottawa Jail hostel is located in the old Nicholas Street Gaol, which was built in 1862. Hostelling International purchased the building after it’s closure in 1972 and converted it into a hostel leaving much of the structure intact. Yes, that means you can spend a night in jail without the embarrassment of a having to call a friend or family member to bail you out. The jail’s chapel, which is typically only used in winter months, has been converted into the hostels on-site bar Mugshots. During the summer months the bar moves out into the courtyard, which was once the gallows and the place of the last public execution in Canada.

Tiki Bar Barbu – Sainte-Anne-des-Monts

Located 8 hours east of Montreal, right near the mouth of the St. Lawrence River is The Sea Shack, Sainte-Anne-des-Monts festive hostel. Ideally located to take advantage of all the outdoors has to offer, the Sea Shack hosts visitors all year round. Other than the amazing activities this hostel has to offer, from skiing to kayaking, what keeps people coming back for more are the famous parties hosted at the Tiki Bar Barbu. With live music acts from virtually every genre as well as many themed party nights, at the Tiki Bar Barbu the party never stops.

Corey Rozon profile imageAbout the Author
Corey Rozon is a freelance writer from Ottawa, Canada.

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Best Ski Resorts To Party At

Apres Ski Bar

Whether you are a pro boarder, skier, or even experiencing your first time out, you probably already know that there is nothing better after a long day of sliding down the mountain through the powdery white stuff then hitting the chalet for a little après-ski. Some of the best ski resorts to party at are well aware of this and have catered their villages to the ultimate après-ski party.

Here are our top 5 picks of the best ski resorts to party at:

#5 – Mont Tremblant, Canada

College Fest

Nestled in the Laurentians, just two hours north of Ottawa, and about a hour and a half north of Montreal, is the Mont Tremblant Ski Resort. At an elevation of 2,871 feet, Mont Tremblant is one of the tallest peaks in the Laurentians and the best ski resort in all of Eastern Canada – it has even been voted as best ski resort in all of eastern North America. Not only does the elevation and amazing runs make Tremblant one of the best ski resorts, but also its many après-ski party spots have helped to elevate it into our top 5 best ski resorts to party at. When taking a ski trip to Tremblant make sure you hit up the following party spots:

· Le P’tit Caribou
· Le Shack Resto Bar
· La Forge
· Cafe de l’Epoque

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

#4 – Val D’Isere, France

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

With over 300 kilometres of slopes, 2 glaciers, 94 lifts and 158 runs Val D’Isere has some of the best skiing around. It is also a great place to party at, and the reason that it is our #4 pick. Home of the original Dick’s Tea Bar, Val D’Isere pretty much invented the term après-ski, so when you are looking to warm up with a cold one, try out these favourite spots:

· Café Face
· Dick’s Tea Bar
· Saloon Bar
· Moris Pub

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

#3 – Zermatt, Switzerland

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

One of the nine largest ski resorts in the world, and the largest in Europe, Switzerland’s Zermatt boast an incredible 2,200 vertical metres of skiing terrain. After a busy day of top to bottom skiing we know you will definitely need to unwind in one of the many clubs and bars in the village. Here are our recommendations on where to party:

· Papperla Pub
· Hennu Stall
· Hotel Post
· GramPi’s Pub

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

#2 – Vail, US

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Not to be outdone, the largest ski resort in the US boasts over 5000 acres of skiing terrain – 5,289 acres to be exact – featuring 193 runs, seven bowls, and some pretty stellar glades. Yes we are talking about Colorado’s very own Vail. And although the drinking age in the US is not as liberal as it is in the rest of the world, you can still find some pretty good places to party after a long day of hitting the slopes. Here are our picks:

· The Red Lion
· Tap Room
· Agave
· Garfinkel’s

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

#1 – St. Anton, Austria

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

With a vertical drop of 1,507 metres and some of the deepest snow bases in the Alps, this western Austrian ski resort is our pick as the #1 ski resort to party at. The challenging terrain attracts many of the best skiers and boarders to this party village each year, and it is regarded as one of the best après-ski resorts in the World, and not just by us. If you ever get a chance to ride St. Anton, then make sure you save some energy for some of our favourite après-ski bars that this resort has to offer:

· Mooserwirt
· Krazy Kanguruh
· Bobo’s
· Kandahar

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Corey Rozon profile imageAbout the Author
Corey Rozon is a freelance writer from Ottawa, Canada.

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Best Party Cities In Australia

As you may already know, our winter (the northern hemisphere) is Australia’s summer, so there really is no time like the present to take a trip down under. Since we’ve already provided you with some of the best party cities all over the world, today we thought we would focus the land of Oz.

Don’t forget that you can also click on the city names to see listings and reviews of bars and clubs in that area. Feel free to stop by and review some venues yourself if you have the chance, or leave us your thoughts below.

#1 – Gold Coast

Gold Coast, Australia

From Surfers Paradise to Broadbeach, Australia’s Gold Coast is bespeckled with high-rise buildings, theme parks and neon lights, giving it the feeling of a city that could very well be the offspring of a boozed fuelled hook-up between Miami and Las Vegas. The somewhat glitzy and glamorous overtones mix well with the brash and tacky undertones. The city makes it work however as more than 2 million partiers visit the area every year. So if you find yourself unsure of where to begin your Australian journey, Queensland’s Gold Coast is the best party city to begin your adventure.

#2 – Sydney

Sydney City Night HDR

Although many people may assume that Sydney, Australia’s most populace city, is the country’s capital, they would be wrong – that honour is bestowed to Canberra, whose population by the way is just a little over 350 thousand inhabitants. Sydney with over 4.5 million people is the BarWhiz Blog’s 2nd spot for the best party city in Australia. If you are looking for some all night dance parties head over to Kings Cross. Or if the laid-back pub scene is more to our liking you can’t go wrong with The Rocks, and if live indie music is more your thing, Newtown and Surry Hills is the way to go.

#3 – Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia by night

Even though it is said that Melbournians know how to party harder than Sydneyites, Victoria’s capital city ranks in as our #3 pick. Packed with lounge bars and more live music that you can shake a drumstick at, Melbourne has many well-known party spots, such as St. Kilda. However it’s the not-so-well-known secret locations where you will really have the time of your life. Since the locals are a little more laid back here than in other cities in Australia you may get lucky and be invited to buy a round of beers at some of these secret party spots.

#4 – Brisbane

The big-little city of Brisbane is a perfect starter city for those partiers that come from smallish towns. It may have the big city look, but it is the small town community feel that really makes Brisbane a great spot to party. With trendy clubs and posh wine bars, not to mention a booming live music scene, Brisbane is home to some of the most down-to-earth partiers in all of Australia. Some of the best areas to visit include, Fortitude Valley, the West End and Kangaroo Point.

#5 – Cairns

USS Blue Ridge Sailors man the rails as the ship pulls into Cairns, Australia

Rounding out our top 5 is Cairns. This backpacker’s haven is not only a really good place to party – if you are young and don’t mind things a little down and dirty that is – but it is also cheap. How cheap you ask? Well if you’ve ever been backpacking you know how frugal you have to be with your budget and Cairns answers that need with such specials as 5 drinks for $12! Some of the great party stops in include, the Woolshed, PJ O’Brien’s, Shenanigans, and of course Gilligan’s.

Strawberries and Cream

Not really a city, or destination for that matter, but XXXX Island is a real beer drinkers’ paradise. Situated on the southern Great Barrier Reef, this beer oasis, or beerasis to coin a term, is the idea of one Beer Company’s perfect getaway. Queensland’s favourite beer, XXXX Gold, has created this getaway as a thank you to their loyal customers, and only about 1000 people get to visit the island each year. Since the only way to get there is to win, when you are partying it up in the BarWhiz Blog’s Top 5 Australian Party Cities, make sure to pick yourself up a case or two of XXXX Gold. You’re allowed to bring three mates with you, so if you win don’t forget to send us an invite.

Corey Rozon profile imageAbout the Author
Corey Rozon is a freelance writer from Ottawa, Canada.

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Best Party Cities In The UK

First we gave you the best party cities in the USA, then we headed north to the best party cities in Canada, today we’ll jump across the pond and explore the best party cities in the UK.

Don’t forget that you can click on the city names below to see listings and reviews of bars and clubs in that area. Feel free to stop by and review some venues yourself if you have the chance, or leave us your thoughts below.

To find nightlife anywhere, anytime, check out our new Android App for your Android mobile.

#1 – London

Sky Line -1-

England’s capital city may be the most expensive city to party in the UK, but it is also the best. London has basically everything you could ever ask for, and more. From all night dance clubs to small cozy pubs and even underground parties, when it comes to London’s nightlife there is a little something for everyone.

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· BarWhiz Best Bar in London: Milk & Honey

· BarWhiz Best Club in London: Fabric

#2 – Brighton

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Located in the south of England is the seaside city known as Brighton. Hotter than most other parts of the UK, Brighton really knows how to turn up the heat at night with its vibrant live music scene, which has been known to attract some of the big names of many popular international artists, and been the starting place for local artists hoping to make it big.

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· BarWhiz Best Bar in Brighton: Lola Lo

· BarWhiz Best Club in Brighton: Cosmo Bar

#3 – Manchester

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Head north to Manchester for some all night dance parties at many of the underground clubs that are scattered throughout the city. If you are looking for something a little more laid back, take a trip to Manchester’s Northern Quarter, where you can experience some of the best bars and traditional pubs the country as to offer.

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· BarWhiz Best Bar in Manchester: Epernay

· BarWhiz Best Club in Manchester: Cuba Cafe

#4 – Newcastle

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Newcastle mixes the excitement of London’s electronic music scene with Brighton’s live music scene, all within a Manchester budget. In other words, it is a great place to party on the cheap and the reasoning for its inclusion on BarWhiz’s best party cities in the UK list.

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· BarWhiz Best Bar in Newcastle: Centurion

· BarWhiz Best Club in Newcastle: Tiger Tiger Nightclub

#5 – Edinburgh

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No stop in the UK would be complete without partying the night, or weekend, away in the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. In true Dusk till Dawn fashion the party starts early here and ends late. With a little something for everyone, Edinburgh has some of the best clubs and pubs in all of Europe.

City Nightclub Edinburgh

· BarWhiz Best Bar in Edinburgh: The Bon Vivant

· BarWhiz Best Club in Edinburgh: City Nightclub

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Corey Rozon is a freelance writer from Ottawa, Canada.

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Top 11 Party Cities In South America

We ended 2011 off with a trip around the best party cities of the world, and so far this year we have delved deep, exploring the best party cities in the USA, Europe, Canada, and Asia.

Today we’ll head south to that amazing continent nestled right between the Caribbean, South Pacific, and the South Atlantic Oceans, South America.

You can also click on the Country/City names to see listings and reviews of actual bars and clubs which you can go to! stop by and review some venues yourself if you have the chance, or leave us your thoughts below

So without further adieu, here are the top 11 party cities in South America:

#1 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fotos Kaballah Circus Rio de Janeiro Rodrigo Favera

Brazil’s little piece of paradise sits nestled among a deep blue sea etched with white-sand beaches, lush rainforests and breathtaking mountain ranges. Throw in some of the most beautiful people in the world, and there is no wonder Rio de Janeiro is not only consided paradise, but it has also made our list of the best party cities in South America.

#2 Buenos Aires, Argentina


Birthplace of the Tango, Buenos Aires knows how to throw a dance party. Although the bars don’t start hopping until midnight, and many dance clubs don’t open their doors until 2am, there are many places to pre-party in this hot Latin city before heading out to an all night dance party.

#3 La Paz, Bolivia

Fiesta-Del-Gran-Poder-La-Paz-Bolivia (94)

This “de facto” Bolivian capital city sits at a staggering 3,560 metres (11,875 feet) above sea level. Its elevation is probably one of the major factors that make it a great South American party city – the booze works a lot quicker here – but the many hot and sweaty nightclubs help as well. With a history of many travellers passing through the city, the locals are friendly and the offerings are plenty, from world-class bars, to happening nightclubs, La Paz is the place to party when in Bolivia.

#4 Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile Party Night

The party in Santiago, Chile’s cosmopolitan capital city, starts as soon as the sun goes down. The mix of international tourists, university students and young professionals makes the Santiago club scene one of the best around. From dance clubs, discos, reggae bars, and everything in between, there are plenty of places to drink a cheap beer and dance until the wee hours of the morning.

#5 Bogota, Colombia


Once considered too dangerous to visit, Colombia is finally back on the list of travel destinations. Its alpine capital city, Bogota, is now one of Latin America’s urban highlights. Home to more than seven million people, Bogota has a thriving nightlife to match the bustle of its busy inhabitants, but when the party goes all night long, one wonders how much work actually gets done the next morning.

#6 Quito, Ecuador

De ratage en ratage

Quito is broken into two distinct areas, ‘old town’ and ‘new town’. Old town is easily distinguishable by its renovated colonial buildings. New town, also know as gringolandia, is the exact opposite of old town, with its high-rises, hotels, bars and nightclubs. Old town is a great place to walk around during the day, but if you are looking for the real party you need to head over to Gringo Land, er, New Town.

#7 Asunción, Paraguay

Inside Ratsky's Bar

Paraguay’s capital city, Asunción, can be both a beautiful travel destination, with its historical colonial buildings, and an amazing place to party, with it’s endless supply of nightclubs, cheap booze and beautiful women. Not being a ‘real’ travel destination, you won’t have to worry about inflated prices or tourist traps.

#8 Lima, Peru

Pearl Jam Lima, Peru 11-18-11

Huge nightclubs with gorgeous terraces face the ocean, making the nightlife scene in this Peruvian capital one of the most unexpected party cities in South America. When looking for the party in Lima two of the best districts are Miraflores and Barranco. The clubs here open around 9pm and stay open until the early hours of the morning. Dress to impress, because with all the beautiful party people about you will want to make sure you are bringing your ‘A’ game.

#9 Georgetown, Guyana

Party like a rockstar

Although Georgetown can feel like it has a tough exterior, with its decaying colonial architecture and unkempt parks, once the sun goes down the thriving night-life is very apparent. Come to think of it, for a people who love to party all night long it is no wonder the city looks like it has been on a bender.

#10 Montevideo, Uruguay

Verão 2012 - Bikini

Montevideo is the capital city of Uruguay, and with a vibrant music and club scene that continues to thrive, with everything from cozy tango bars to modern beachfront discos, it is no wonder that Montevideo made the list of one of the top 11 party cities in South America.

#11 Caracas, Venezuela

Inneground @ Elmo bar, Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela’s capital city, offers a host of nightlife options for its clubbers, bar-hoppers and salsa aficionados. Known as some of the most die-hard partiers in Latin America, caraqueños are a friendly welcoming bunch who not only know how to party, but will also steer you away from the not so safe areas of the capital.

Author: Corey Rozon

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Top 16 Party Cities In Asia

After looking at some of the best party cities from around the world, including the top 21 party cities in the USA, the top 18 party cities in Europe, and the top 19 party cities in Canada , it’s time to head East onto another continent and check out the top 16 party cities in all of Asia.

You can also click on the Country/City names to see listings and reviews of actual bars and clubs which you can go to! stop by and review some venues yourself if you have the chance, or leave us your thoughts below

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1. Koh Phangan, Thailand

full moon party koh phangan samui Thailand

People say that strange and exciting things happen on nights where there is a full moon; well this is certainly true of the monthly full moon parties in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Each month on the night of the first full moon, thousands of people from all over the globe descend on Koh Phangan to experience the wildest and most lively party under the sun…or, moon.

2. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai Songkran Festival

If you’re looking for a new years party where you can get extremely wet and extremely wild, then look no further than Chiang Mai, Thailand. The New Years celebrations here consist of one huge water party throughout the country. Chiang Mai is the destination for anyone interested in being targeted by explosive water balloons, drenched at random by strangers wielding water buckets, hosed down like you were a person on fire, or simply splashed repeatedly by puddle jumpers in the streets. Whatever you choose, you can count on getting wet and having one of the best New Years experiences of your life.

3. Vang Vieng, Laos


Do not let the size of this small little town in Laos fool you – people here know how to have a good time. Tubing and rafting are favorite party activities in Vang Vieng as many locals and tourists like to cruise down the rivers with a beer (or two or three) in hand. After enjoying a relaxing coast on the water, you can stop off at one of the many bars and local watering holes that serve up a variety of specialty drinks unique to Laos culture (Lao Whiskey is great); or, for the less adventurous types, you can simply opt for a standard rum and coke – but at least make it a double. Either way, there are plenty of friendly, sociable people looking to mingle and have a great time in Vang Vieng.

4. Phuket, Thailand (Patong Beach)

Sharkys bar

Patong Beach is known for its incredible nightlife and revelry. With hundreds of bars and clubs to choose from, this beautiful party paradise is one of the hottest spots in South East Asia – a must see for anyone interested in turning it up a notch in Thailand.

5. Osaka, Japan


Well know for its bustling business and technology culture, Osaka has fallen under the radar as a main party destination in Asia. But don’t let the tailored suits and shiny shoes fool you, there is more to this city than business meetings and cell phones – Osaka is home to some of the best night life in all of Asia.

6. Bangkok, Thailand

crooked girl

Bangkokis widely known as one of the best places to party in Asia. The fast paced, energetic lifestyles of the people spill over into the nightlife where tourists and locals mingle together to enjoy some of the best revelry in the world. What else is there to say about Bankok? The drinks are cheap, the food is great, and the underground music and DJ’s are rocking – it’s the perfect place to party anytime of year.

7. Seoul, South Korea

Electro Circus @Club Volume

You will not have to travel very far to find a place to party in Seoul. Virtually every district in this soulful city has ample opportunity to order up some hot food and cold drinks well into the night. Most bars and clubs in Seoul stay open until the sun comes up so ‘last call’ is never an issue. The famous beverage, soju, is a local favorite and a staple for anyone wanting to drink on a budget.

8. Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

Welcome Drink - Lombok

There is something for everyone in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia. The parties in this part of the world are well organized and heavily marketed around the city, making it easy for any local or tourist to end up in the right place at the right time.

9. Goa, India

Anjuna Beach Trance Party

Located on the west coast of India, Goa is by far
one of the best party places in Asia. With amazing festivals, hot clubs and
huge beach parties there is a little something for everyone. North Goa is the best place to
go bar hopping, but if you are looking for beach parties, head to south to Anjuna beach.
With a huge Christams and New Year’s Eve festivals, winter is one of the best times to
party in Goa.

10. Kuta, Bali

Partying in Kuta

If you’re looking for a party in Bali, then Kuta is the place to go. This is a popular destination for world travelers looking to mingle with locals and meet other adventurers. It seems everyone in Kuta is interested in and capable of partying all the way through the night.

11. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Party Time (vodkatronic dj set)

As expensive as it may be, Tokyo is still one of the best places to party in Asia. It’s the NYC of the Orient with absolutely no shortage of bars, clubs, dance halls, underground music scenes, restaurants, and all sorts of other types of entertainment. Tokyo is an electric whirlwind of adventure — the definition of a city that never sleeps.

12. Island of Kecil, Malaysia

Party Crowd
Kecil is one of the best party islands in Asia. It’s a popular intersection for backpackers traveling from all over the world and makes for a great place to party once the sun goes down. The island has many bars that are well stocked with food and drinks. But if you’d rather BYOB over from the mainland, that’s fine as well. Either way there are plenty of opportunities to drink and party amidst the beautiful scenery and wildlife on the island of Kecil.

13. Singapore

make for way the ultraviolet teenage riot.

This city-state is a bustling cosmopolitan that features many exciting party spots. The variety of ethnicities and cultures in Singapore is what make it such a unique place to visit. There are plenty of bars and clubs to choose from, each with their own unique flavor and vibe.

14. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

dancing crowd

Ho Chi Minh City is a great place to get a taste of the beauty and vibrancy that defines Vietnam. With a plethora of bars and clubs lining the city streets, this is a great place to drink all kinds of unique beverages while enjoying the equally unique culture and nightlife of a truly incredible city.

15. Hong Kong, China

crowded Lan Kwai Fong - Hong Kong

Wherever you go in Hong Kong you will find ridiculous revelry and excitement. This is a city that is home to literally thousands of bars, clubs, restaurants, hostess bars, karaoke spots, etc. Anything you could possibly want out of a city is here. Bars do not close and entertainment is ubiquitous. If you can handle a few sleepless nights, Hong Kong is worth the trip.

16. Manila, Philippines

Philip Morris VIP Party

Manila is one of those cities that can be all things to all people. Whatever your personal penchant is for fun, you will find it here: from expensive uptown clubs to small cozy drinking dens, Manila caters to each and every party goer and never disappoints in providing great places to experience local culture and entertainment.

Enjoy partying in Asia!

Author: Corey Rozon

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