Bar Tricks To Pick Up Chicks

One of the top reasons we men head out to the bars every weekend is to pick up chicks. When it comes to pick-up lines, sometimes they work and some times they don’t. For those times that they do work, check out our previous post on what to do next.

For those times that the pick-up lines don’t work in your favor, well don’t worry, even the best pick-up artists need a little help once in awhile. Since every girl loves a good magic trick, okay, well maybe not every girl, we’ve put together a list of the best bar tricks to pick up chicks.

Predict A Girl’s Phone Number

If you were not able to get her phone number the traditional way, you know, by asking for it, maybe this trick by Scam School will help you to predict her number.

Drinking Handcuffs
This is a great bar trick to use if you need the girl to stay around long enough for you to try all of your pickup lines on her. Who knows, maybe one will work after all.

Palm Pick-Up, Disappearing Dots, Cork Drop, $1 Opener, Bill Slap
The song for this video says it all. The tricks are pretty good too.

Quarter In The Glass

Here’s another Scam School trick that instead of betting for drinks you can use to bet for dates.

Bartender’s Cherry Trick
This trick will amaze even most sceptical of magic fans in the crowd. Obviously it will work best if you are friends with the bartender.

Reversed Glasses
Even if the girl isn’t a fan of the dark arts she may be interested in science. So blow her mind with this cool trick.

Pick-up Sticks
A good brainteaser will help to set the mood for later if you can pick her up with this trick.

Disappearing Cigarette
Everyone loves a good ole fashioned slight of hand trick, and if she can see that you are good with your hands you might just have a chance of showing her more back at your place.

* Disclaimer: These tricks are provided for entertainment purposes only. BarWhiz does not recommend tricking anybody, not do we guarantee outcomes.

Corey Rozon profile imageAbout the Author
Corey Rozon is a freelance writer from Ottawa, Canada.

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The Pick Up Line Worked… Now What?

Eyes Wide Shut Party at Macao Trading Company

Many good men are failing miserably using “pickup lines” on woman these days. That’s because even the wittiest pickup lines will almost always sound canned and inauthentic –two traits that are sure to turn away any intelligent, self respecting woman.

That being said, this post is not about why 99% of “pickup lines” fail; nor is it about how to cope with the embarrassment that comes after your line bombs, badly. This post is about what to do when the pickup line actually works… so now what?

You’re at a bar with a buddy and you see a cute girl sitting with her friend across the room. You take a few minutes to assess the situation, think about a game plan, and conjure up the confidence to go talk to her; but what do you say when it comes to the cold approach?

Do you steal a pickup line from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and say: “Baby write down your number before I don’t want it no more!” Or do you go with something a little less presumptuous like: “My desire for you is like diarrhea, I just can’t hold it in.”

To be sure, both these lines will probably have you escorted out of the bar like a fool in no time. Either way, you know you have to make conversation with this girl…and fast, before someone else does. So you and your wing man go over and approach the two girls; you walk tall and assume a friendly smile. Once eye contact is made you move in and say (with a slightly humorous tone): “Did you have lucky charms for breakfast? Because you look magically delicious!” The girl laughs out loud, looks at her friend and then back at you and exclaims: man I could really go for a bowl of those right now!

You’re speechless… It worked; your pathetic pickup line actually worked and she wants to continue the conversation. Now what do you do? Here’s the answer:

Focus on the three F-bombs. That’s right, keep it Fresh, keep it Fast, and keep it Fun. If you employ these three F-bombs you might be able to build enough rapport to actually have a first date (or even take her home that night).

1) Fresh


Keep it fresh by talking about new and exciting experiences and adventures in your life; let her in on the details of your life and ask her questions about hers (although don’t ask too many questions as you might turn her off by seeming “too” interested).

2) Fast

salsa chemistry

Don’t hum and haw about the same things or dwell too much on one topic (unless of course you’re both totally enthralled by it, a sign of good things to come.) Once conversation has been steady for a few minutes, change things up, add some variety to the situation: ask if she wants to dance, challenge her to a game of pool in the bar, show her some cool photos on your phone. The key is to keep her guessing and keep her entertained.

3) Fun


And last but not least, keep it fun. Cyndi Lauper knew what she was talking about when she wrote the song “Girls just want to have fun.” I mean, who doesn’t want to have a good time and meet new people, right? Crack some jokes, tease her about little idiosyncrasies you notice (careful with this one, though); you might also want to involve her friend(s) in the conversation if you feel that things are getting too intense with just the two of you. Oh, and be sure to listen, don’t embarrass yourself by making her repeat herself.

If you can remember to employ the three F-bombs, you might just get to share a bowl of lucky charms together in the morning.

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What A Girl’s Makeup Says About How To Approach Her In A Bar

80's Makeup

If you are not heading out to a sports bar with the boys, or knocking back a few pints at the end of a hard week’s work with your co-workers, then this weekend it is definitely time to hit up the clubs. The weather is nice, and with the warmer temperatures the ladies will be ready to strut their stuff.

When it comes to hitting on the ladies at the clubs, there are many how to’s available all over the internet, from one-liners to pick-up lines, with some offering good advice and others, well, terrible advice.

In reality, a girl tries to make it easy of us guys to let us know how to, or even if we should, approach her at a club. From the clothes she wears, to her hairstyle, and even her make-up, girls are always giving us guy’s subtle little clues if they are interested in us or not.

Check out these five common make-up styles and how they relate to they way you should approach her at a bar or club:

#1 – Smoky Eyes


She wants to look smouldry and sexy at the same time, and the smoky eyes style does the trick. So what does this heavy use of mascara mean for you? Approach With Caution. The smoky eyes could be out just to show how hot they think they look, and really only be in the mood to see how many guys they can turn down. Only approach if you get the invitation first, all it takes is some eye contact and a smile, unless of course you are feeling adventurous and are packing an iron-clad ego that you don’t mind getting dented.

#2 – Fresh-Faced Look


With the girl-next-door look you are likely in for a girl who is not only very sweet and kind, but also someone smart that appreciates intellectual conversation. The ole one-liners won’t work here, even if said ironically. Although she’ll understand the irony, it probably won’t impress her. You’ll have to bump up your game here and prepare to dazzle her with your knowledge of current events.

#3 – The Barbie


With her hot pink lips, the Barbie is out to have a good time tonight. You’ll either find her getting down on the dance floor or hear her laughing at the bar. Only approach this girl if you know how to have fun. Keep the conversation light and silly and if you can make her laugh you should have no problems at all.

#4 – O’Natural


The o’natural style is a girl who is not only confident but also down to earth. Whether she is wearing very little or no make-up at all, this girl knows she is attractive, and really, that it was just simple luck of genetics. Although everyone loves to be complemented, hearing how beautiful she is from strangers really isn’t going to impress her, especially since you are not the first and definitely will not be the last. As with the Smoky Eye, wait for the invitation before you approach. The best approach would probably be an indirect one, for example, asking her opinion about something.

#5 – The Seductress


Although it may be hard to differentiate between hot pink lips and bright red ones on the dance floor, the Seductress is definitely not the same as the Barbie. Sure, they are both out looking for fun, but the Seductress knows exactly what she is looking for, and is not afraid to get it. Since she will be flirtatious, and likely have her eye on someone already, this approach may be a little difficult. If her eyes are somewhere else and she continues to give monosyllabic answers it’s best to move on. If she’s into you, you’ll know it.

For the girls that use make-up to lure guys in, I stumbled upon this very informative video from Makeup that I thought you might enjoy:

Author: Corey Rozon

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Top 10 ‘Slap-In-The-Face-Worthy’ Pick-up Lines

To add a little romance to this post, here is some background ambiance:

There is a fine line between a good pick-up line and one that will earn you a great, big SLAP!!  in the face. Or worse, a drink thrown at you… ’cause really, there is nothing funny about alcohol abuse, unless of course we’re talking Bozo the Drunken Clown.

Some girls may tell you that pick-up lines are overrated. Others will say that they are not necessary. But in reality a pick-up is a great way to initiate conversation, so good or bad, some girls will still respond to them, but maybe just not the way you had hoped.

WARNING: The following ten pick-up lines should never be used:

10. This one:

Bad Pickup Lines
see more Memebase and check out our Troll Face lols!

9. “That shirt’s very becoming on you. Of course, if I were on you, I’d be coming too.”

8. “Can I buy you a drink, or do you just want the money?”

7. “Nice shoes, wanna f@#k?”

6. This one:

5. “Do you like to dance? Good, then go dance so I can talk to your hot friend.”

4. “I have a dictionary in my pants. Let’s say we go back to your house and put some words in your mouth.”

3. “Wanna do a ’68′? You go down on me and I’ll owe you one.”

2. “You might as well just sleep with me, because I’m going to tell everyone you did.”

1. “There are 216 bones in the human body… Would you like 217?”

If you want some expert advice, also check out this video:


Good Luck and don’t let this be you:


Author: Corey Rozon

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