Top 21 Party Cities In The USA


Last month we gave you the 32 Best Party Cities In The World, today we’ll focus on the best party cities in the United States.

Since the drinking age is 21 in the US, we’ve decided to focus on the top 21 party cities, and have included four party recommendations for each, including best bar, best wine bar, best club, and best strip club.

You can also click on the Country/City names to see listings and reviews of actual bars and clubs which you can go to! stop by and review some venues yourself if you have the chance, or leave us your thoughts below

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So without further adieu, here are the top 21 party cities in America:

1. Boston

ENSMB at Club Oberon

Rated as one of our best party cities in the world, Boston, MA, really gets going in the fall, when the local colleges fill up with eager young minds ready to party… er… learn.

Best Bar: Lucky’s Lounge
Best Wine Bar: The Living Room
Best Club: The Estate
Best Strip Club: Centerfolds Boston

2. Austin

Mashable party

In Austin, TX, you will find much more than honky-tonk and country music. With music festivals like SxSW, Austin has become the self-proclaimed Live Music Capitol of the World, and this goes further than their many music festivals. Just take a walk down 6th Street and you will be able to hear all genres of music coming from all types of bars, pubs, and clubs.

Best Bar: J Blacks Feel Good Lounge
Best Wine Bar: Vintner’s Cellar Of Austin
Best Club: Flamingo Cantina
Best Strip Club: Yellow Rose Cabaret

3. Atlanta

Opera Party 2 sm

Next to Tennessee, Atlanta, GA, makes some of the freshest Jack and Cokes around, because, for those not in the know, Atlanta is the birthplace of Coca-Cola. The hot summer nights and cold drinks make for an incredible party atmosphere. So come for the sun, stay for the fun.

Best Bar: Whiskey Blue
Best Wine Bar: The Grape – Phipps Plaza
Best Club: CosmoLava
Best Strip Club: Cheetah Lounge

4. Chicago

Peaches w/ Amanda Blank @ Metro, Chicago

Another entry into the BarWhiz best party cities in the world, Chicago, IL, boasts the highest boozery to people ratio. With one kind of booze filled establishment for every 3,588 residents, there is never a problem getting a drink in Chicago.

Best Bar: Merkles Bar & Grill
Best Wine Bar: Randolph Wine Cellars
Best Club: Crobar
Best Strip Club: VIP’s: A Gentleman’s Club

5. Dallas

Club Bliss Dallas Texas Model Search Nightclub Nightlife Downtown Dancing Hookah DSC_5887x

The median age in Dallas, TX, is 32 years old, which makes for an excellent party atmosphere – old enough to know better, too young to care. Basically, the only thing that is not acceptable in Dallas is 24-hour bar service, but that’s why beer also comes in a can, right?

Best Bar: Sunset Lounge
Best Wine Bar: Vino 100 Wine Bar
Best Club: LIFT Lounge
Best Strip Club: Lodge

6. Detroit

secretsundaze NYE @ The Troxy 31-12-11

Detroit, MI, boasts 1.06 women to every one man. This may not sound like a lot, but since mullets and moustaches still run rampant here, if you are a visitor the ratio is more like 4 to 1. So head on over to one of these four BarWhiz picks and do us proud.

Best Bar: Whiskey in the Jar
Best Wine Bar: Motor City Wine
Best Club: V Nightclub
Best Strip Club: Hustler Club

7. Key West

battle 466

Only having to deal with one season makes people not only wear less clothing, but more apt to party. That’s exactly what you’ll find in Key West, especially if you head over to Duval Street.

Best Bar: The Rum Bar
Best Wine Bar: The Porch
Best Club: Aqua Nightclub
Best Strip Club: Red Garter Saloon

8. Los Angeles

Exchange LA: Outfest Opening Night After Party

Although LA locals feel that their city is the center of the universe, when it comes to partying, they might just be right. Just like Key West, having only the summer to deal with, 365 days of sun puts people in a better mood to party. And this town knows how to party.

Best Bar: Tony’s Darts Away
Best Wine Bar: Vampire Lounge & Tasting Room
Best Club: Das Bunker
Best Strip Club: Star Garden

9. Las Vegas

From Las Vegas to Grand Canyon and back.

Vegas baby! Need we say more? Okay, how about this, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Still need more? There is a reason why they call this place Sin City, and it’s not just because of the gambling. Spend a party filled weekend here and you’ll remember it for the rest of your life. Or not, it’s up to you.

Best Bar: McMullan’s Irish Pub
Best Wine Bar: La Cave
Best Club: XS Nightclub
Best Strip Club: Pleasure Pit

10. Miami

Score Nightclub Dance Floor Miami Beach

If you are planning on partying in Miami, FL, there is no better place to do it then in South Beach. With all night dance parties, this party never stops, so other than packing your bathing suit, bring money. Lots of it.

Best Bar: Hole In The Wall Pub
Best Wine Bar: Bin No 18
Best Club: The Vagabond
Best Strip Club: Tootsies

11. Nashville

Kendra's Bachelorette Night

Nashville, TN, is known for their live music, and if you think it’s all square dancing and country music, well then you’ve never partied in Nashville.

Best Bar: 12 South Taproom And Grill
Best Wine Bar: Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar
Best Club: Mai
Best Strip Club: Christie’s Cabaret

12. New Orleans


Mardi Gras. Need I say more? Okay. Bourbon Street. ‘Nuff said.

Best Bar: Flanagan’s Pub
Best Wine Bar: Bacchanal Wine
Best Club: Bourbon Street Blues Company
Best Strip Club: The Penthouse Club

13. New York

Alicia @ New York Meets Japan

As we mentioned in a previous post, New York as more bars and clubs than anywhere else in America, and since the nightlife scene is constantly changing, every visit will be a new experience.

Best Bar: 4th Avenue Pub
Best Wine Bar: Domaine Wine Bar
Best Club: Club Shelter
Best Strip Club: The Slipper Room

14. Philadelphia

Bounce at Barbary: April 3, 2009

This town has been partying since 1682, and with over 300 years under its belt, they know how to do it right. So whether it’s dancing to the wee hours in the Old City, drinking a microbrew at a hipster hangout in South Philadelphia, or bopping to some live jazz in Northern Liberties, you are bound to find something that suits your tastes.

Best Bar: Green Rock Tavern
Best Wine Bar: Tria
Best Club: The Barbary
Best Strip Club: The Peekaboo Revue

15. Portland

For some nostalgic partying, head on over to Portland, OR, it’s like taking a time machine back to the 90′s – but the good parts. Portland boasts a huge microbrew and thriving live music scene, and although the party vibe may be mellower than some of the other cities on this list, great times can still be had.

Best Bar: The Landmark Saloon
Best Wine Bar: ENSO Winery
Best Club: Lola’s Room at the Crystal Ballroom
Best Strip Club: Devils Point

16. San Diego


With some of the best beaches in the country, San Diego attracts sun-lovers and partiers alike. With an influx of party people, San Diego has a flourishing underground dance scene to match. So if you are looking to party until the wee hours in the morning and spend your days recuperating on sunny beaches, San Diego is the place to do it.

Best Bar: Hamilton’s Tavern
Best Wine Bar: Excalibur Cigar & Wine Lounge
Best Club: Club Sabbat
Best Strip Club: Pacers Showgirls

17. San Francisco

Ferry Corsten at Ruby Skye

San Francisco has something for every party person. From nightclubs and electronic dance bars, to hipster hideouts and sweaty meet-markets, you’re bound to find something that suits your taste in one of San Fran’s popular neighborhoods.

Best Bar: Durty Nelly’s
Best Wine Bar: Vin Debut
Best Club: Verdi Club
Best Strip Club: Crazy Horse Gentlemen’s Club

18. Savannah

fearing the fear

Savannah has been referred to as Little New Orleans, but with the ability to also drink in the streets we tend to think of it as Little Vegas, or maybe Little New Orleans would be a better moniker. Whatever you want to call it, we call it one hell of a good time.

Best Bar: Molly MacPherson’s
Best Wine Bar: Sugar Daddy’s
Best Club: Saya Lounge
Best Strip Club: Uncle Harry’s International Gentleman’s Club

19. Seattle


Seattle, WA, can be considered the twin sister of Portland, OR. They both have a thriving live music scene, and although more on the mellower side, they know how to party. Although we’re still trying to figure out which one is the evil one.

Best Bar: Über Tavern
Best Wine Bar: Bottlehouse
Best Club: Bad Juju Lounge
Best Strip Club: Little Darlings

20. Tampa


Tampa, FL, has a surprisingly high amount of strip clubs. It works out to something along the lines of one strip club for every 3,425 local Tampa men. But what do we know, we’re not the math whiz blog, we’re the BarWhiz Blog. Whatever the case, Tampa has a big enough selection of bars and night clubs for everyone to have a great time.

Best Bar: The Independent
Best Wine Bar: Cru Cellars
Best Club: The Castle
Best Strip Club: Mons Venus

21. Washington

Disco Mirror Ball at COBALT Washington, D.C.

When you think of best party city, one doesn’t naturally assume Washington D.C. After all, how fun can it be to party with a bunch of stuffy politicians? Well even the leaders of our country have to kick back every once and awhile, and there are always the college kids to inject some fun into this town. The best places to party can be found found in Georgetown, Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle, and U Street.

Best Bar: St. Arnold’s On Jefferson
Best Wine Bar: Room 11
Best Club: Fatback
Best Strip Club: The House

Author: Corey Rozon

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11 thoughts on “Top 21 Party Cities In The USA

  1. Wow, Phoenix/Scottsdale is not on the list? I’ve partied in more than half the cities on your list, and PHX def should be on it.

    GD Star Rating
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  2. I don’t know who you sent to San Diego, but how can you talk about the dance scene and then not put Vouyer or Fluxx as the best club. Even Rehab at Hard Rock is bringing down names like Tiesto.

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    GD Star Rating
  3. I am sorry but I am a Miami native, my entire life so far, and The Vagabond is not the best club in town, not even close. That also includes Tootsies, there are other strip clubs that blow them out of the water. Whoever wrote this, step your game up, check your sources.

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  4. this list is soo wrong it should be
    1. New York
    2. LA
    5.Las Vegas
    and so on but those are the most important take off atlanta its not a party city please its atrocious.

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  5. How is Scottsdale not listed here? I’ve been to more than half of these cities and Scottsdale is definitely one of the biggest party scenes in America.

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    GD Star Rating
  6. Is this supposed to be a ranking? This list is alphabetical order (other than Boston coming before atlanta).

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    GD Star Rating
    • Hi, not really a ranking just a list of the best 21 paarty cities, it’s indeed in alphabetical order. B is before A isn’t it? or we were just drunk

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  7. The only place that has a presence at all on your San Diego list is Pacers. The other places are completely unheard of.

    I am a VIP Host at the #1 best voted club in the nightlife here.

    Not trying to be mean, I just wanted to help!

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