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In our best party cities series we are slowly making our way through the North American Continent. First we gave you our picks for the best party cities in Canada. Then we provided you with our choices of the top 21 party cities in the USA. Today we will head further south and let you know all about our 5 favourite Mexican party cities.

We’d also like to give a little something back to the BarWhiz community. So if you have ever partied in any of these cities in Mexico, or any others we may have missed, why not post a review here and you might just win a little something from us, say like your favorite drink.

So without further adieu, here are the BarWhiz picks for the Best Party Cities In Mexico:


It’s dangerous. It’s sexy. It’s a non-stop party town. Yes I’m talking about Tijuana. With a population closing in on 2 million people, Tijuana really is the Mexican city that never sleeps. There seems to be more bars and nightclubs here than any other city in Mexico. As a border town, there is a huge influx of American tourists coming in from California to party for a night in the almost anything goes city. From the great prices on drinks, to the great food, this party town seems to have a culture all of its own. It’s definitely Mexican, but darker and more exciting.

Cabo San Lucas

Head south to the tip of the Baja peninsula for party central, Cabo San Lucas. People from all over the world venture to this Mexican city to party all day and all night. Granted the peak time for the best party action is during spring break, but there is still much to be had anytime of the year in Cabo. From all night beach parties, to happy hours that run from noon to 7pm, you won’t need to look too hard to have a good time.

Puerto Vallarta

Next we’ll head to a resort city that is situated on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, that’s right, our next party city is Puerto Vallarta. This Mexican party city has become such a popular vacation spot that the city itself is expanding faster than regular visitors, and even locals, can keep up with. Although the downside to more party people venturing into the city may be increased prices and more packed clubs, the upside is the ultimate party atmosphere. Clubs typically stay open well beyond their official 4 a.m. last call, and new cantinas and dance clubs are opening up all the time. Go to Puerto Vallarta for the beaches, but stay for the party.

Mexico City

Now we’ll head further inland, away from the sandy beaches of the Pacific, and into the heart of Mexico. The next Mexican party destination is none other than Mexico City. From the Centro Histórico downtown area, with its vast array of bars and clubs, to the posh bars of the Polanco, Condesa and Roma neighborhoods, there is a little something for everyone in this bustling metropolis of over 20 million residents. The majority of clubs don’t really get going until after midnight and stay open until the wee hours of the morning. If you are travelling through Mexico looking for a party, a definite stop is Mexico City.


Finally, we’ll head to the eastern most point of Mexico. Located on the Yucatán Peninsula, on the sandy shores of the Caribbean Sea is everyone’s favourite Mexican resort destination, Cancun. This manmade resort offers more than just gorgeous tropical settings and luxury accommodations; it also has a huge reputation as a party town. Not unlike Cabo, the peak party season is during spring break, but the club scene is still very prevalent every other day of the year. Spend your days sipping fancy drinks by the pool or on the sandy beaches, and your nights dancing in the clubs until dawn. Cancun is a must attend party city for any party-goer looking to experience what Mexico has to offer.

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