The Best Games to Play in a Bar



There are many different types of games that bar patrons like to indulge in. This is all part of an enjoyable atmosphere, and it lets people socialize and pass the time in a relaxing manner.

Our list has both games that are offered by the bar, and also some funny creative games you can play anywhere, anytime.

Also check out the most popular college drinking games for some awesome drinking games to play.

The following are just some of the top bar games that are available for people to enjoy during a night out on the town.

1. Pool / Billiard


Shooting a friendly game of “stick” is extremely popular in bars. The most common form is 8-ball (also called solids and stripes), which has a smaller table and larger pockets compared to billiards. Billiard tables are rare in bars unless you happen to be in a “pool hall” (an establishment that has many pool tables and may or may not be licensed).

8-ball involves sinking all or your balls followed by the black ball (the “8 ball”). If the black ball is sunk before all your balls are down then you have “scratched” and lost the game. The rules of the game are location dependent, and sometimes a bar may have its own rule variations known as “house rules”.

2. Darts


Darts. A common form of bar entertainment is a friendly game of darts, where darts are thrown at a circular target called a dart board.

There are many different types of dart games that can be played. Some of the more popular ones are 501, 301 and Round the Clock.

Dart leagues are common, with organized teams competing during a designated dart night.

3. Ping Beer Pong

professional beer pong table! (who knew) LOL

    • You will need two card tables, ping pong paddles, ping pong balls and beer.


    • Set up the tables on opposite sides of a room with no carpet! The farther back from one another they are the more fun you may – or may not – have! On each table place a cup of beer – or a small bowl with beer in it.


  • Here comes the fun – and I think you know what it is! Each player takes a turn using their ping pong paddle to hit the ball to the other table – in hopes of making a splash. If the player misses then he or she must take a drink from their own beer. If they get the ball into the beer, then the opponent has one shot to get their ball into your beer – if they miss – they must drink the cup/bowl of beer. Or – make your own rules up as you go along!

4. Trivial in Pursuit of Beer

Trivial Pursuit in the Pub

    • With this game you will need Trivial Pursuit, at least two players, but the more the better and of course, beer.


  • Start playing the game as you normally would but – every time a person gets an answer wrong they must chug-a-lug. (Or in the event of playing teams, then the team must chug-a-lug). Now, if you know your players take a while to play this game you may want to modify the chug-a-lugs to a gulp otherwise the game may never end!

5. Touchscreen / Counter-top Video Games

best bar games

These games are quite popular, and involve a vertical touchscreen or horizontal countertop controls.

Examples of touchscreen/countertop video games are Bingo, Hi-Lo Cards, Skint or Mint, Lucky Keys, Take your Pick and Race Night.

6. I Sunk My… Battleship?

Beer Jug

    • Fill a deep punch bowl or wide-mouthed pitcher with beer. Also, every player will require a glass of beer.


    • Float an extra glass in the beer in the bowl or pitcher – be sure to add some beer in it to stabilize it (so it floats).


    • Every player takes a turn pouring some beer into the floating glass (usually this is best to establish a pre-measured amount such as one or two tablespoons. Wait at least 5 seconds after pouring before another player takes a turn.


  • Whoever sinks the glass must retrieve it and drink it until it is empty. Then start again!

7. Trivia Games

Super Trivia

Many bars offer a trivia game that is played using a hand-held computer. Players answer a trivia question, with questions that cover everything from science, music, nature, history and much more. Points are awarded for a correct answer, and the speed by which answers are given is also taken into account.

Bars often have a special trivia night, and organized teams are also very common. During organized events prizes are often awarded for the highest scores.

8. Shuffleboard


While not as popular as it used to be, table shuffleboard can still be found in some bars and pubs. Table shuffleboard is a game where players slide weighted “pucks” (also called weights) down a wooden table top. The aim is to get as many pucks as possible into the scoring area at the end of the table, while knocking your opponent’s pucks off the table.

9. Pinball

Pinball Hall of Fame - Vegas

While pinball machines are not as popular as they used to be they can still be found in some pubs and bars. The objective is basic: keep your ball in play for as long as possible, and score as many points as possible. If you score high enough you will be awarded a free game.

There are many different types of games that can be played in your favorite pub or bar. Many of these games can be played with teams or against opponents, providing hours of fun and social time!

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2 thoughts on “The Best Games to Play in a Bar

  1. Looking for a game I once played in a bar, don’t know the name, has left and right hand controls to control a vertical rising bar to control a steel ball, keeping it from falling into holes in the back of the game board. What is the name of this game?

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  2. ok, someone help me out there…
    whats the name of that game played in bars not too long ago…
    it was a game with famous monsters, bats, gouls, etc., like frankenstein..
    and you knocked down the blocks they stood on, to rack up points..
    when you knocked em all down, you went to the next level???
    it was “monster” something????–in a video machine???

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