Eggnog – If You Dare

egg nog

When eggnog is on tap, it is far too difficult to choose just one party drink. So, for those looking for new and innovative ways to enjoy your festive eggnog look no further! Here are some pretty wild and daring beverage recipes that are sure to grab attention from all those you share it with!

1. Santa’s Surprise

Egg Nog with a sprinkle of nutmeg & a candy cane

Mix two parts eggnog with one part candy cane liqueur.
Add a splash of cold beef broth and toss in some ice cubes to chill
Garnish with a handful of green peas and a candy cane for festive holiday colour. Enjoy!

2. Cozy Noggy Christmas


Mix about 4 ounces of eggnog with one ounce of Southern Comfort and a half ounce of chocolate liqueur. Serve with chocolate flakes!

3. Holiday Surprise

Christmas Eggnog

This one will take a punch bowl! Get 5 bananas and cut them into thin slices – place them into a punch bowl. Add in one gallon of eggnog and one quart of eggnog ice cream (or vanilla). Mix in half a mickey of Jack Daniel’s and a half mickey of your favourite vodka and then enjoy!

4. GingerNog

Mix well one ounce of Goldschlager with one and a half ounces each of: Irish Cream, vodka, and butterscotch Schnapps.
Place into a snifter glass and add eggnog to fill.

5. Eggnog the Jägermeister Way

Mix together one part Jägermeister with one part eggnog and add in a sprinkle of cinnamon.

6. CocoNog
Blitzen's Mexican Egg Nog

Mix All the following ingredients well:
1 pint of coconut rum
1 can of coconut milk
1 can condensed milk
1 can cream of coconut
1 pint of eggnog
Dash each of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Down the hatch mateys!

7. RumNog

Take 4 ounces of your favourite light or dark rum and add 12 ounces of milk or cream. Mix well and add 2 teaspoons of powdered sugar, 2 eggs and a couple of pinches of nutmeg.

8. SchnapNog


This one is pretty easy to toss together!
In your 8 ounce of eggnog add one shot of Schnapps! It’s that simple!

9. Whiskey Eggnog

more Cocktail - Brandy Egg Nogg

Take 8 ounces of milk and add 2 ounces of your favourite whiskey.
Add in 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar, an egg and some nutmeg for a spicy flavor.

10. Eggnog Supreme

absolutely Pictures, Images and Photos

Go grab your highball glass and pour in some eggnog. Leave just enough room to add in one ounce of Grand Marnier and a half ounce of white Crème de Cacao.

Hope you enjoyed our Eggnog recipes, Let us know what you think!

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Top 10 Things Never to Say to a Bouncer

When going to a bar there comes that moment when you run into a bouncer.


Whether it’s standing in line waiting to get into the bar for some fun and games, or whether you’ve had a few drinks and have drawn some unwanted attention to yourself (never your fault, of course!) there will come a time when you have to converse with a bouncer.

What to say? How to act?

You can check out a couple of options here:

OK, so we aren’t going to tell you what to say, but we can offer suggestions on things that you probably don’t want to let escape your lips!

1. “You don’t look so tough”. While this may be true, it is sure to draw the bouncer’s ire. Also, keep in mind that you should never judge a book by its cover!

2. “Back off, I know martial arts”. I would stay away from making this statement. Most people that claim to know some form of martial arts actually don’t. In addition, there is a reason that the person in front of you is a bouncer. Besides being overly large he might actually know martial arts himself.

3. “Don’t you know who I am?” Unless you’re a rock star or movie star there is a really good chance that the bouncer doesn’t know who you are. Even if you are some sort of celebrity, if the bouncer hasn’t recognized you by this point then prompting him to do so probably won’t help.

4. “I’sh not drunk t’all, can walk any line. Lemme prove it to youshelf”. If your social imbibing is resulting in slurring of speech, I would suggest saying as little as possible. And remember, enunciation is your friend!

5. “Here’s $5, go away”. While bribing the bouncer has an outside chance of working, more than likely the amount of money you offer him isn’t worth the bouncer losing his job. It also puts him in between a rock and a hard place, where his only alternative is to throw you out of the club.

6. “$%&^%##”. Swearing at the bouncer will result in an immediate, negative experience. Up until this point the bouncer is just doing his job. After being cussed out there is a good chance the bouncer is going to take things personally, which bodes poorly for your chances of staying healthy.

7. “I have some really big friends.” While this may be true, they probably aren’t with you at the moment you utter this ominous statement. Also, there is a good chance the bouncer also has some big friends, who just might be bouncers in the same bar and within calling distance.

8. “This is the best job you can get?” Questioning the bouncer’s career choices will only result in his agitation. Besides, it could be a part time job while he is completing his master’s studies in some prestigious field.

9. “I’m going to be sick”. If you’ve had a few too many and your stomach is upset then letting the bouncer know this won’t help your situation. Besides, it is probably time to call a cab and go home anyways.

10. “I’ll be back”. If you are being shown the door than letting the bouncer know you want to return and visit their fine establishment could be construed the wrong way. Be polite, listen to the bouncer and the chances are everything will be fine if you do decide to return for another night out on the town!

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Conducting a Business Meeting in a Bar


There are times when you might want to conduct a business meeting in bar. The atmosphere tends to be laid back, and a drink or two can relax all parties involved.
The following are some helpful tips if you find yourself in a business meeting in a bar:

1. Get to know your Client. One of the great things about having a meeting in a bar is that it is a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Take advantage of this and try to get acquainted. Business deals often turn out for the best if all parties involved get to know each other.

2. Know the Bar. Having a meeting in an unknown establishment can result in some awkward situations. For example, it could be karaoke night, and listening to people belt out their favorite tunes in a manner that sounds like a yowling tom cat in heat might make it hard to concentrate on the meeting.

3. Choose a Bar with Appropriate Lighting. Too dim and it is hard to see your client and any related paperwork. At the other extreme, strobe disco lights may be distracting!

4. Choose a Bar that caters to business meetings. There are numerous bars that specifically cater to business meetings. By picking a bar like this you will automatically avoid some possible issues mentioned in this article.

5. Choose a Bar with Courteous Staff. The bar that you choose is, to some degree, a reflection of yourself. Dealing with staff that is efficient and courteous results in a great experience for your client.

6. Pick a table far away from any speakers. Yelling to be heard is an irritant to everyone at the table, and misunderstanding what is being said can have an immense negative impact on the business meeting results (e.g. I said 20% down payment, not 200%).

7. Take your time with your drinks. If you are a little nervous about the meeting then resist the urge to get a couple quick ones under your belt. Usually it’s a good idea to drink at the same rate as your client. Of course, if the client is putting them away in rapid succession then matching their drinking speed becomes a judgment call on your part (if this is the case then try to cover the most important points of the meeting as fast as you can)!

8. Finally, Relax and Enjoy the experience. If a client wants to have a business meeting in a bar then they are probably looking forward to an informal setting as much as yourself. Cover all business topics and also take the time for social chit chat.

Good luck on your next business meeting and be sure to tell us how it goes!

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The Best Games to Play in a Bar


There are many different types of games that bar patrons like to indulge in. This is all part of an enjoyable atmosphere, and it lets people socialize and pass the time in a relaxing manner.

Our list has both games that are offered by the bar, and also some funny creative games you can play anywhere, anytime.

Also check out the most popular college drinking games for some awesome drinking games to play.

The following are just some of the top bar games that are available for people to enjoy during a night out on the town.

1. Pool / Billiard


Shooting a friendly game of “stick” is extremely popular in bars. The most common form is 8-ball (also called solids and stripes), which has a smaller table and larger pockets compared to billiards. Billiard tables are rare in bars unless you happen to be in a “pool hall” (an establishment that has many pool tables and may or may not be licensed).

8-ball involves sinking all or your balls followed by the black ball (the “8 ball”). If the black ball is sunk before all your balls are down then you have “scratched” and lost the game. The rules of the game are location dependent, and sometimes a bar may have its own rule variations known as “house rules”.

2. Darts


Darts. A common form of bar entertainment is a friendly game of darts, where darts are thrown at a circular target called a dart board.

There are many different types of dart games that can be played. Some of the more popular ones are 501, 301 and Round the Clock.

Dart leagues are common, with organized teams competing during a designated dart night.

3. Ping Beer Pong

professional beer pong table! (who knew) LOL

    • You will need two card tables, ping pong paddles, ping pong balls and beer.


    • Set up the tables on opposite sides of a room with no carpet! The farther back from one another they are the more fun you may – or may not – have! On each table place a cup of beer – or a small bowl with beer in it.


  • Here comes the fun – and I think you know what it is! Each player takes a turn using their ping pong paddle to hit the ball to the other table – in hopes of making a splash. If the player misses then he or she must take a drink from their own beer. If they get the ball into the beer, then the opponent has one shot to get their ball into your beer – if they miss – they must drink the cup/bowl of beer. Or – make your own rules up as you go along!

4. Trivial in Pursuit of Beer

Trivial Pursuit in the Pub

    • With this game you will need Trivial Pursuit, at least two players, but the more the better and of course, beer.


  • Start playing the game as you normally would but – every time a person gets an answer wrong they must chug-a-lug. (Or in the event of playing teams, then the team must chug-a-lug). Now, if you know your players take a while to play this game you may want to modify the chug-a-lugs to a gulp otherwise the game may never end!

5. Touchscreen / Counter-top Video Games

best bar games

These games are quite popular, and involve a vertical touchscreen or horizontal countertop controls.

Examples of touchscreen/countertop video games are Bingo, Hi-Lo Cards, Skint or Mint, Lucky Keys, Take your Pick and Race Night.

6. I Sunk My… Battleship?

Beer Jug

    • Fill a deep punch bowl or wide-mouthed pitcher with beer. Also, every player will require a glass of beer.


    • Float an extra glass in the beer in the bowl or pitcher – be sure to add some beer in it to stabilize it (so it floats).


    • Every player takes a turn pouring some beer into the floating glass (usually this is best to establish a pre-measured amount such as one or two tablespoons. Wait at least 5 seconds after pouring before another player takes a turn.


  • Whoever sinks the glass must retrieve it and drink it until it is empty. Then start again!

7. Trivia Games

Super Trivia

Many bars offer a trivia game that is played using a hand-held computer. Players answer a trivia question, with questions that cover everything from science, music, nature, history and much more. Points are awarded for a correct answer, and the speed by which answers are given is also taken into account.

Bars often have a special trivia night, and organized teams are also very common. During organized events prizes are often awarded for the highest scores.

8. Shuffleboard


While not as popular as it used to be, table shuffleboard can still be found in some bars and pubs. Table shuffleboard is a game where players slide weighted “pucks” (also called weights) down a wooden table top. The aim is to get as many pucks as possible into the scoring area at the end of the table, while knocking your opponent’s pucks off the table.

9. Pinball

Pinball Hall of Fame - Vegas

While pinball machines are not as popular as they used to be they can still be found in some pubs and bars. The objective is basic: keep your ball in play for as long as possible, and score as many points as possible. If you score high enough you will be awarded a free game.

There are many different types of games that can be played in your favorite pub or bar. Many of these games can be played with teams or against opponents, providing hours of fun and social time!

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