What Kind Of Tipper Are You?


The moment you belly up to the bar, the bartender is wondering what kind of tipper you’ll be. Are you a Big Tipper, a Stingy Tipper, or are you like Mr. Pink, from Reservoir Dogs, the dreaded No Tipper?

The following are the most common types of tippers:

The Big Tipper

This is every server and bartender’s favourite customer. They consistently leave a tip that is larger than the industry standard, which is typically whatever the sales tax is or 15%. The Big Tipper will leave a minimum of 20% without even blinking an eye.

The Stingy Tipper

The stingy tipper consults his calculator and tips the sales tax to the penny, that is of course, if you are lucky enough to get that much. Some stingy tippers will even go further and leave 10% or lower. Stingy tippers usually fall into the category of the Octogenarian Tipper as well, but patrons from every age demographic can also be stingy tippers.

The No Tipper

Probably the second worst tipper of them all, the No Tipper doesn’t even bother to tip you. Typically these are ultra-stingy tippers or European patrons, where the custom of tipping doesn’t exist. And I thought the Dark Ages ended in the 15th Century.

The Flirty Tipper

See: The Big Tipper.

Addendum: The Flirty Tipper has a motive for his lavish tipping, namely to impress the wait staff and get their phone number.

The Octogenarian Tipper

See: The Stingy Tipper.

Addendum: It’s hard to feel any ill will towards a cute little 85-year-old man only leaving you a shiny new nickel for his pint of beer. They were born in different time, where money was tight and perhaps tipping the barkeep wasn’t common practice.

The Take-Back Tipper

See: The Stingy Tipper & The No Tipper

Addendum: The Take-Back Tipper is the patron that leaves the change on the bar, or the table, giving the server a false sense of hope that they are actually dealing with a Big Tipper. The moment the server turns their back, the Take-Back Tipper returns the change to their pocket and moves on.

The Round-Up Tipper

The Round-Up Tipper can go either way, as their primary concern is making the overall bill an even number. Either they will end up as a Big Tipper, or a Stingy Tipper. It’s the luck of the draw here.

The Industry Tipper

See: The Big Tipper

Addendum: This is someone who works in the industry, and unlike Mr. Pink from the video above, understands the importance of tips.

The Crook Tipper

This is by far the worst tipper of them all. They have the same technique as the Take-Back Tipper, the moment the bartender as turned their back the Crook Tipper is scooping tips off of the bar. Unlike the Take-Back Tipper, the tips they are ‘taking back’ are not theirs to begin with. The Crook Tipper is typically falls in the younger age demographic, and they are most likely inebriated to the point where stealing becomes justifiable.

Author: Corey Rozon

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