LOL Tip Jars [PICS]



Very rarely will you see a bartender or server with a tip jar. In fact, the only time you may ever see one at the bar or club would be with the coat check girl. But just imagine how you could make a killing as a bar server toting one of these bad boys around:

Sexual Tip Jars

Pop Music Inspired Tip Jars

Caution: Justin Beiber fans may be offended

Just For The Fun Of It

Political Tip Jars

Religious Tip Jars

Tech Savvy Tips Jars – The DipJar

Okay, not so much funny as it is cool. Now back with to the LOLs.

Just For The Pun Of It

Tipping Isn't a City in China

Movie Reference Tip Jars

Plain Ole Greedy Tip Jars
Best tip jar sign

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Corey Rozon is a freelance writer from Ottawa, Canada.

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