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After breaking a personal record at the gym, or reaching that perfect BMI, here at the BarWhiz Blog we understand that, every once in awhile, even the healthiest of health nuts deserve a little reward time at the bar. Don’t panic; there is no need to fret about all those empty calories or bloated beer bellies, as there are many health conscious ways to still party it up.

Water Water Everywhere

Pouring water into glass
Alternate drinking water between booze throughout the night. You should try to drink at least one glass of water for each alcoholic drink you consume to help flush out the toxins and avoid that hangover that could interrupt your morning jog.

Avoid The Dreaded Munchies

Munchy Box - closed

Always eat before you go out. Fill up on your favorite healthy meal and then hit up the town. Going out on an empty stomach will not only impair you more quickly, but those end of the night greasy chilli cheese dogs could become even more appealing.

Stick To One Drink

Drinks Anyone?

This should apply to everyone. If you’re switching between shots, blended drinks, wine and beer, you will not only lose track of how many empty calories you are consuming, but also how much alcohol as well.

Say No To Sugar


Veer away from ultra sugary drinks such as anything made with soda, juices and especially energy drinks. All these mixes contain loads of empty calories and refined sugars.

Nurse It

Nurse Brandi

No no no, not that kind of nurse. Nurse your drinks and make them last by drinking them slowly with lots of water in between. As we mentioned in other posts, when it comes drinking think of it as a marathon, not a sprint, and pace yourself.

Just Don’t Do It

Don't Drink and Drive

The final option to enjoy a night out while maintaining your healthy lifestyle is to just not drink at all. You can even volunteer to be the designated driver, which will allow you to have a good excuse to not get in on that round of sugary shots.

So now that we’ve given you some tips on how to drink with your health and figure in mind, we’ve come up with a few recipes on what to drink:

#1 Cucumber & Lemon

Cucumber Limeade

1 cucumber
6 oz water
1-2 lemons
3 oz vodka

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into a rocks glass and garnish with a wedge of cucumber.

#2 Cranberry & Blueberry Martini


1/2 cup fresh whole blueberries
4 oz cranberry juice
1/2 oz lemon juice
3 oz gin
1 cup ice
1/2 oz of honey
orange curl for garnish

Shake all liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice, strain into highball glass, garnish with orange curl, and serve.

#3 Mango Margarita

Mango margarita @ Toloache.

1 oz mango juice
1/2 oz lime juice
1.5 oz tequila
3 oz filtered water
1/2 oz of honey
1 cup ice
slice of pear for garnish

Shake all liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice, strain into rocks glass, garnish with slice of pear, and serve.

#4 Kiwi Mint Lime

Golden smoothie

20 mint leaves
2 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
4 small to medium sized kiwis (peeled)
1 tablespoon of honey
4 oz of light rum
2 oz water

Muddle kiwis in a cocktail shaker. Combine remaining ingredients and shake, strain into a cocktail glass, and garnish with a slice of kiwi.

#5 Pineapple & Banana Spiked Smoothie

pineapple pear and melon smoothie

1 whole pineapple
2 frozen bananas
6 oz lemon juice
6 oz vodka
garnish with chocolate mint

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into a coctail glass and garnish with a sprig of chocolate mint.

Author: Corey Rozon

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