Top 10 Most Unique Bar Concepts


Here at the BarWhiz Blog we’ve traveled the world and came up with a list of the top 21 bars from around the world. Along the way we saw the wackiest bar stools and the weirdest restrooms. Today we would like to share with you the top 10 most unique bar concepts:

#1. Steampunk Bar

The Edison - the bar

The Edison in Los Angeles is styled after the era of science and invention. It seems to be stuck somewhere between past present and future with vintage styled burlesque shows playing on a regular basis.

#2. Hospital Concept Bar


Clinic is a hospital themed bar in Singapore that exhibits wheelchairs as seats, stainless steel hospital code dishware and IV bags, test tubes and other medical paraphernalia to use as dinking devices.

#3. Frozen Bars

absolute ice bar in shanghai

Ice bars have been popping up all over the world in such countries as Canada, USA, Tokyo, London and even Africa. The concept is simple enough everything is made from ice. The chairs are ice, the walls are ice, the bar is ice and yes, even the glassware is ice. Most ice bars do also include a free parka upon entry.

#4. The Speakeasy

sixtynine - Raines Law Room

Ahhh the speakeasy, if it weren’t for these secret bars installed during prohibition we might not have made it through. The concept behind this bar is not to know about it. Most speakeasies are unmarked and may even require a few knocks in the right places – difficult to find but definitely worth the effort.

#5. Model Train Bar

Nová hospoda v Brně - pivo rozváží modelová železnice

The Czech Republic boasts a tavern where a train runs through the bar carrying some precious cargo. The great thing about this train, is every car is the bar car!

#6. Biochemical Alien Bar

H.R. Giger Bar

You might not find Ripley here anytime soon, but the H.R. Giger Alien themed bar in Switzerland is out of this world.

#7. Pirate Bar

Dave Johnson Needs Pirates! Tiki bar tour of San Francisco!

Y’aaaaar! Smuggler’s Cove in San Francisco is a bar that’s made to look like a pirate ship. As for what their specialties are, the pride themselves on a vast selection of rum of course.

#8. Upside-down Bar

Madame Claude

Why are you standing on your head? Oh wait this optical illusion can be found at Madame Claude’s in Berlin. It’s been decorated to look like everyone’s partying upside down by gluing and nailing everything to the ceiling.

#9. Under the Sea Bar

Underwater Dining

Those are not televisions beside the tables. Our planet does in fact have an underwater bar. The Red Sea Star bar in Israel has a dining room under the Red Sea offering guests a rare view of the depths.

#10. In A Tree Bar

Sunland Pub

Talk about the best tree fort ever, the Sunland pub in South Africa yields one of the most unique bar concepts in the world. The bar and wine cellar are found in a hollowed out, 6000 year old baobab tree.

Author: Corey Rozon

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