The Perfect Wingman


When it comes to the perfect wingman, the most important aspect is finding a buddy who is your equal in almost every way, from looks and charm to wit and intelligence. As a perfectly matched team you will be able to overcome any obstacle that you may encounter.

There are however some key traits that a wingman must possess. The Perfect Wingman:

Understands The Mission Completely

The perfect wingman understands the mission completely – those who call dibs become the Point Man and the Wingman must play out his role to the fullest extent, even if that means taking one for the team.

Doesn’t Overshadow The Point Man

The perfect wingman doesn’t overshadow the point man – the ultimate role of the wingman is for support. So although the wingman may need to be there initially to provide some comic relief, whatever he does, the wingman must make sure that he is not taking attention away from the point man.

Makes The Point Man Look Good

Not only is the wingman’s role to support the point man, but they are also responsible for making the point man look good. Have a few stories to tell about how great of a guy the point man is. It should contain elements that are slightly embarrassing, incredible awesome and totally hilarious.

Knows How To Divide And Conquer

The perfect wingman knows how to divide and conquer – once the small talk is out of the way it’s time for the point man to get down to business. They only way he is going to be able to properly hit on the girl is if the wingman separates her from her friends.

Provides Interference

The perfect wingman provides interference – not only is the wingman’s role to separate the point man’s target from her friends, but they may also have to run some additional interference from time to time. Whether it is in the form of distracting the target’s girlfriends or even some other guy who thinks he has a shot at her, the wingman’s responsibility is to stop the cock-blockers at all cost.

Jumps On The Grenade

And finally, the perfect wingman, above all, is one who will take one for the team. You what I mean, the guy that jumps on the grenade… no matter how big that grenade may be. That is the the true sign of a perfect wingman.

Corey Rozon profile imageAbout the Author
Corey Rozon is a freelance writer from Ottawa, Canada.

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